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Komatsu 895

There was a time when forwarders became smaller and smaller. Low ground pressure and flexibility was more important than productivity. But whether you like or not, money rules. The large forwarders came back and in Sweden, according to a previous article, large forwarders are the most common. Let us introduce you to yet another example – the Komatsu 895.

Komatsu 895 forwarder

Komatsu Forest has its roots in the Finnish machine manufacturer Valmet, and to some extent Volvo BM. Later it became Partek Forest, and finally, in 2005, it eventually became a part of Komatsu – Komatsu Forest.

Komatsu 895
Not a forwarder, but a Valmet 902 two-grip harvester at the Elmia Wood show in 1989.

Komatsu Forest believes in the future. They are building a brand new factory close to the headquarters in the north Swedish town Umeå. A remarkable project in many ways. It will be the most modern factory for CTL-machines (Cut-To-Length) in the World.

Sturdy machine

Of course I wanted to pay a visit to one of those giants. So, I went to one that is owned by the Swedish state forest Sveaskog and operated by Mikael Pettersson.

Komatsu 895
The Komatsu 895 at the landing.

Some facts and figures on the Komatsu 895



From: 6WD: 20 400 kg, 8WD: 23 600 kg.

Loading capacity: 20 000 kg


AGCO POWER, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. Conforms to the requirements of EU stage V (Europe), Tier 4F (North America, MAR-1 (Brazil and Stage II (other countries).

Engine type: Stage V: 74 LFTN-D5, Tier 4F: 74 LFTN-D4, MAR-1: 74 CW3, Stage II: 74 LFEN-A2.

Engine displacement: 7,4 liters

Power max: Stage V and Tier 4F: 214 kW DIN at 1850 rpm, MAR-1: 193 kW DIN at 1900 rpm, Stage II: 210 kW DIN at 1850 rpm.

Torque: Stage V, Tier 4F and Stage II: 1280 Nm at 1500 rpm, MAR-1: 1000 Nm at 1500 rpm.

Fuel tank: 220 liters.

AdBlue tank: 22 liters.


Computer-controlled, hydrostatic mechanical transmission. 6/8-wheel drive. Transfer case with 2 positions (high and low). Disengageable drive operation. Differential locks front and rear.

Driving speed: 0 – 23 km/h.

Tractive force: 262 kN.

Ex. of other equipment: SpeedShift, over-revving protection.

Hydraulic system

Single-circuit load sensing system with variable piston pump.

Flow: 0 – 360 l/min at 2000 rpm.

Working pressure max: 24,5 MPa (245 bar)

Hydraulic oil tank: 150 l

Other: Pressure filter for hydrostatic circuit. Dual return oil filters for hydrostatic and working hydraulics. Hydraulic oil level warning. Sight glass level check. Clogging indication for return oil filter. Visual alarm in cab.

Crane and grapple

Crane: Komatsu 165F

Reach: 7,5 / 8,5 / 10 meters

Lifting torque gross: 165 kNm

Slewing torque: 43,4 kNm

Rotator: G121 / G141 / G171 ProTec 2

Grapple: Komatsu G36

Crane tip: ProTec (standard)

Ex. of other equipment: 165F Combi (combi crane with 10 meter reach), SmartFlow.

Electrical system

Voltage: 24 V

Battery capacity: 2 x 180 Ah

Alternator: 2 x 100 A

Komatsu 895

More information and film

Read the whole specification for the Komatsu 895 here.

Here is a film from the visit:

Komatsu Forwarder 895

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Komatsu 895
Another timber-load going out.

Photos and film: Per Jonsson

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