New World record in tree planting

World record in tree planting

Friday Offcuts reports that a new World record in tree planting has been set. The Canadian tree planter Antoine Moses, who is working for Summit Reforestation, planted 23 060 trees in 24 hours.

World record in tree planting

The record was set on 18th July this year and beat the old official record from 2001 that was set Kenny Chaplin with 15 170 trees in 24 hours. The fact that it took place during the olympics was maybe a coincidence?

Two attempts to beat the record has been made in Sweden, the first one we wrote about there at Both attempts were made by the tree planter Timo Kloft. However, both attempts failed.

World record in tree planting
A row of manually planted plants in Sweden. No record here I suppose?
Photo: Per Jonsson

Two failed attempts

Timo’s first attempt was made in 2017 when he planted 17 681 trees in 24 hours. As mentioned above this was not approved by the Guinness Book of World Records as it wasn´t properly documented according to the Guinness guidelines.

Learning from that mistake, Timo Kloft and his wife Kathrin prepared for another attempt that was made one year later. This time every move was documented, and 21 039 trees were planted in 24 hours. But again, it was not approved by the Guinness guidelines as they (according to Timo Kloft) claimed that the planting pipe is a “machine”.

World record in tree planting
Timo Kloft, his “planting machine” (planting pipe) and his backup team during one of his record attempts.
Photo: Timo Kloft

What is a “machine”?

There is no point in discussing. Both 21 039 and 23 060 trees planted in 24 hours are fantastic records. Furthermore, there are no machines for forest planting available today that can beat any of those two manual planters.

Hats off for both Timo and Antoine.

World record in tree planting
A planting machine – a real one with diesel engine, hydraulics and everything else that belong to a machine.
Photo: Per Jonsson
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