At NordicWoodJournal we publish articles about forests, forest management, and forestry. We work from Sweden so we have a Nordic perspective in our publications. We started this business in 2017 and back then under the domain name “Forestry.com”. Now you can find us under “NordicWoodJournal.com” and all the previous articles are migrated here.

NordicWoodJournal, or “NWJ” is owned by the swedish company Skogsforum Media AB. Besides NWJ, Skogsforum Media AB also runs websites like skogsforum.se and iskogen.se (in swedish).

If you would like to contact us, probably the best way is to send an email. You can find each author’s unique email via the author page. Do you have a general inquiry you can always drop us an email at: info[at]skogsforum.se.