Malwa 560 – a small and efficient logger

Malwa 560

The Malwa 560 is a Swedish built base unit that is available both as harvester and forwarder. It´s small and light, suitable for first and second thinning. The low weight also makes it excellent to use in wet or other types of conditions where you want minimum ground damage.

Malwa 560 H harvester

Malwa 560
The Malwa 560 H.
Malwa 560
Malwa 560 H.

The size of the Malwa 560H harvester makes it possible to do thinning without using strip roads. It´s only 5,7 meters long and 1,95 meters wide. Alternatively, you can place strip roads depending on how the terrain and the forest look like, meaning that you don´t take any extra trees for the strip roads.

The weight of the Malwa 560 H is 5 400 kg.

The crane is a Mowi 400 parallel crane with 6,2 meters reach.

The harvester head is a LogMax 928A that cuts maximum 42 centimeters.

Malwa 560
The LogMax 928A harvester head

Malwa 560 F forwarder

Malwa 560
The forwarder Malwa 560 F.
Malwa 560
Malwa 560 F

Thanks to almost the same measurements as the harvester, the Malwa 560F can go wherever the harvester went. The width is the same and the length of the forwarder is 6,3 meters.

The weight of the Malwa 560F is 5 400 kg (the lightest version)

The payload is 5 500 kg, or 9 000 kg with an extra trailer.

The crane is a Cranab FC45 with 6,1- or 8,2-meters reach.

Malwa 560
Andreas showing that there is space enough in the cabin.

Malwa 560C – both harvester and forwarder

Malwa 560
The Malwa 560 C combi machine.

The Malwa 560 is also available as a combination of harvester and forwarder – the Malwa 560C. It has the same measurements as the forwarder. The switch between forwarder/harvester takes about 20 minutes.

The crane is the same as on the forwarder and the harvester head is the same as on the harvester. To make the harvester rigged Malwa 560C stable, extra weights are placed on the forwarder´s loading area.

Malwa 560 “excavator”

Malwa 560
The Malwa 560 F as “excavator”.

As extra equipment for the forwarder and combi versions, a shovel could be mounted on the Malwa 560F. This does not transform the Malwa into a real excavator, but it could be handy for clearing ditches etc.

Malwa 560
Thanks to the demo team: Elias, Erik, Andreas and Edvin.

More information and a film

The engine in the Malwa 560 base unit is a CAT 3.4B, Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IIIB with 55 kW (75 hp) and 318 Nm at 1 400 rpm.

You will find all the information you need on the Malwa homepage here.

Here is a film from a demo of the harvester and the forwarder.

MALWA 560 harvester and forwarder in thinning


Photos and film: Per Jonsson

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