EcoLog and Gremo will be merged!

Gremo EcoLog

In a press release, EcoLog informs about a merge between the two forest machine manufacturers EcoLog and Gremo. The merger means that manufacturing and sales for both brands will be moved to the EcoLog factory in Söderhamn already this summer. In the future, the new company will have a unified profile and name. 

Complete product range in the new brand

The merger means that the new company from now on has a more complete product range. Especially on forwarders where the range will be from 7,5 tons to 20 tons. For the moment it is, however, unclear if the complete ranges of EcoLog and Gremo will still be manufactured under the new brand. One guess is that the Gremo 1450F will disappear?

The harvester range by EcoLog is quite wide already, so the question is what will happen to the Gremo 1058H. The future will tell.

One less manufacturer

This also means that there will be one less manufacturer of CTL machines on the market. On the other hand, the new company will be stronger than the two original ones, which probably is positive for the development of logging equipment.

Gremo’s sister company, the harvester head manufacturer SP Maskiner who is also owned by Weland just like Gremo (until now), will continue as an independent company within the Weland Group and are not affected by this merge.

Gremo Machine Service (GMS) will continue as a service dealer in the Gremo factory in Ätran.

Gremo EcoLog
With the merger, the new company will have a wide range of forwarders from the 7,5 ton Gremo 750F …
EcoLog Gremo
.. to the 20-tons forwarder EcoLog 594F
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