New chairman at KWF in Germany

On July 2nd, the chairman of KWF since 2011, Robert Morigl, handed the chair over to Dr. Heinz-Werner Streletzki at a small ceremony in the KWF head office in Gross Umstadt. This was supposed to happen during the KWF Tagung 2020.

The 7th chairman since 1962

We all know what happened – the largest forestry trade event KWF Tagung was to take place 1st to 4th July this year. Then came the pandemic Covid -19, or Corona, and changed everything for fair organizers and everybody else. So, instead of the grandiose frame of the KWF Tagung, Morigl had to hand over the chair at the KWF office.

Robert Morigl (left) hands over the chair for KWF to Dr. Heinz-Werner Streletzki.

The successor Dr. Heinz-Werner Streletzki will be the 7th chairman of KWF since 1962. He was unanimously elected at a meeting with the KWF board of directors in November 2019. The term is four years.

KWF Tagung

One of the first challenges for the new chairman will be the KWF Tagung that was postponed until 30th June to 3rd July 2021.

Photo: KWF

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