Finally – the forestry fair season is here!

Forestry fairs 2020

Here in Sweden anyway. There have been forestry shows in Europe this year, like ForstLive in Germany and KWF Theme days, but I didn´t visit them. But now there will be one here in Sweden tomorrow, and the next one already in two weeks. After that, they keep coming.

The forestry fair season is here

Maybe I should be bitter? I quit my steady job to become a freelance journalist because I wanted to visit the forestry shows instead of exhibiting at them. I always envied the reporters that floated around looking for interesting things to write about. That’s what I wanted to do!

Log Max Harvester Heads

The last fair I attended was the DLG Waldtage in Germany in 2019 where I was an exhibitor.

Forestry fairs 2020
From DLG Waldtage September 2019.
Photo: Per Jonsson

So, after years of consideration, I took the step to fulfill my dream. 1st January 2020 I started my new business. And what happened? A disease no one ever heard of struck the World and all forestry, and other, fairs and shows were postponed or canceled! Oh, man!!

“Ok, let’s not be bitter”, I thought. “It’s only one year …” Yeah right!

The future starts tomorrow

So, 856 days and 9 hours later it’s finally time for me to fulfill the dream tomorrow as the first Swedish forestry show in over two years opens its gates.

It’s a small fair that normally very few would write about, but now it seems that everyone is going to be there, so I´ll write a line or two about it for sure.

If you want to develop your skills in the Swedish language or just look at the photos, here is the show’s home page. Or you can wait for my summary after the show.

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