New log loaders from FTG Cranes/Mowi

New log loaders from FTG Cranes

Last year the Swedish log loader manufacturer FTG Cranes launched updated versions of their Moheda loaders M41T & M51T and the larger M81DT. Now, in time for the Elmia Wood show, an update of the Mowi loaders is launched.

New log loaders from FTG Cranes

The new loaders are called Mowi P31T, P41, P51, and P51T and will replace the corresponding older models.

New log loaders from FTG Cranes
The latest version of the largest model, Mowi P51T.

For the moment there is no information about the new cranes on FTG’s English homepage. You will find a press release about it on the Swedish site (in Swedish).


Mowi has gained fame for its parallel cranes that were inspired by an IKEA desk lamp. The company’s roots go back to 1968 and thousands of cranes and loaders have been manufactured since then and sold all over the World.

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