Eco Log launches G-series with a new cabin

Eco Log launched a new G-version of its harvesters at the Swedish Forestry Expo. The biggest difference compared to the previous version is a completely new cabin. But there are other updates under the shell. Most of them already launched in the autumn but are now in the new G-series. 

This is a translation of an article signed Torbjörn Johnsen at the sister-site

The new harvester Eco Log 590G. Photo:

Eco Log launches G-series

During the autumn Eco Log introduced several major updates on the pendulum arm harvesters. A new control system, a new rear transmission, a new anti-spin system, a simplified hydraulic system, and some improvements concerning user-friendliness and service availability. All updates are now implemented in the new G-series. 

The new cabin

Here are some of the improvements of the new cab:

  • A spacious cabin with ample storage possibilities. The swivel seat enables you to easily access and use the rear cab section.
  • The cab boasts windows made of thick safety glass and secure access routes via a brand-new platform that allows you to enter and exit your cab via the side-mounted door both easily and safely.
  • The cab uses a brand-new approach for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The system has automatic temperature regulation and has been thoroughly tested in both hot and cold climates.

Read more about the new cabin here. 

Many wanted to have a look at/in the new cabin at Swedish Forestry Expo. Here on an Eco Log 590G. Photo: Torbjörn Johnsen
For those who wanted a closer look at the new cabin, there was one on display in the Eco Log tent as well. Photo: Torbjörn Johnsen
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