Hypro – A family business in South Sweden


Hypro is a manufacturer of tractor mounted processors and log trailers located in South Sweden. Torbjörn Johnsen at Skogsforum.se recently visited the family-owned factory and learned about their history and business.

Hypro – a family business

It all started in a classical way: Need is the mother of invention – Tommy Karlsson injured his back during chainsaw logging by the mid-80’s. While waiting to recover, he started to think about how he could make logging easier than working with a chainsaw. Thanks to his technical skills he was able to make drawings for a tractor-mounted processor.

The processor should be simple but efficient, so he decided it should have feed rollers like the big harvesters at the time. But it should be small enough to be operated by a farm tractor. The first machine was built and turned out to work well. Soon, the brand and company name Hypro was born. HYdraulic PROcessor. Since 1987, Hypro processors of different models have been sold.

The Hypro family Bergman Karlsson: Tommy, Linus, Elisabeth and Daniel lined up with the original Hypro processor at the entrance of the factory.

Log trailer

Eventually, a big log trailer was developed, and a carrier for the processor. Most of the testing during development has taken place in the family’s forest close to the factory. More forest land has been purchased over the years, so there has always been enough forest to work in.

Hypro HV14 log trailer.

Also, the customers have become more and more involved in the development of the Hypro equipment. Loyal customers and users have shared their experiences and ideas over the years.

The Hypro models

Today, the Hypro processors are sold to customers in Sweden and a large number of other countries around the World. The export grows steadily and last year (2019) Hypro noted its best year ever with a turnover of 35 million Swedish Crowns (SEK).


The processors come in three base models: 300, 450 and 755. The smallest, the 300-model is basically the same as the original Hypro from the 80’s. It has been made more compact, it has three feed rollers, photocells for the measuring and some automatic functions. The number, 300, indicates the max diameter that can be processed in millimeters. The 300-processor is fed by a winch.


The slightly bigger 450XL can process trees up to 45 cm (455 mm) diameter. It can be equipped with a hydraulic crane with a 4- or 6-meters reach. The crane is used to put the trees in the processor and reaches the trees in the strip road and closest to it. For trees out of reach of the crane, a winch is available also for this model. Here is a film of the 450XL in a first thinning.

Hypro 450XL i förstagallring


The largest model, 755, processes trees up to 50 cm (500 mm) and is available in different versions. It´s available for both tractor mounting (Hypro 755) and with its own wheeled carrier (Hypro 755 VB). A 7,5-meter crane and a felling head is offered for the 755. With the felling head, the processor becomes a harvester, a two-grip harvester. Here is a film with the 755 as a harvester.

Hypro 755HB thinning processor with felling head FG45

The factory

The factory was built at the family estate and has been expanded over the years as the company has grown. Assembly of processors and log trailers take place here. Most of the steel processing, welding etc., is made by sub-suppliers. When a unit leaves the factory, tuning and testing are made to ensure that the machine is perfect when it´s delivered to the customer.

Linus Bergman from the owner’s family gave a grand tour among machines that were more or less ready for delivery. Here is a film from that tour:

Some more photos from the Hypro factory

The 14-tons log trailer is a sturdy piece of work, and is called “the forwarder trailer”. Fully loaded with bark-beetle timber.
Linus Bergman and a FG45 felling head.
A Hypro 755 HB on the assembly line.
A log trailer with Palms crane in making.
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