100.000 Wood-Mizer’s and counting

The first Wood-Mizer sawmill was built in 1982. Since then, over 100.000 Wood-Mizer sawmills have been built. An impressive achievement and a breakthrough for portable sawmills. 

100.000 Wood-Mizer’s 

A good thing about portable sawmills is that it makes it easy to start a sawmilling business. Instead of constructing a stable floor, a roof, and walls, you could just start making lumber with a portable sawmill, more or less anywhere at a comparably low cost. And if the business takes off, you can develop the facilities for a more permanent business. 

100.000 Wood-Mizer’s

Wood-Mizer has made it possible to make that development trip just using Wood-Mizer equipment. The range stretches from LX50 Start for beginners to complete sawmilling lines for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Processing the sturdy ones

Many traditional sawmills have problems processing thick logs. A modern stationary sawmill is often not meant to deal with logs over 60 – 70 centimeters (24 – 28 inches). Then a Wood-Mizer mill could be a good complement to take care of the sturdy logs. Both the Wood-Mizer LT40 and LT70 are mentioned as suitable for such tasks. 

40 years warranty – sort of

Well, almost. But as a matter of fact, for the Wood-Mizer LT40, which had its 40 years anniversary last year, spare parts are also available for the oldest models. 

100.000 Wood-Mizer’s

The 40-year-old LT40 model has proven its flexibility and reliability through the years. Processing hardwoods in the sub-tropical climate, frozen softwoods, or even ice cubes are all the same for the LT40. It’s a global machine with a long service life. 

Mobility, flexibility, reliability, and long life seem to be the key issues. Carry on with the good work Wood-Mizer. We look forward to writing about you when you have made mill No 200.000 (and most likely a few times before that 😊). 

More information

You will find more information about the Wood-Mizer sawmills on their home page. 

And here you will find an article and a film about the Wood-Mizer LT70 that we made three years ago. 

Photos, source, and inspiration: Wood-Mizer

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