Iggesund launches new saw bar for stump treatment

One of the few “real news” that even I admit was something new at the Swedish Forestry Expo was a saw bar from Iggesund Forest. A new solution for stump treatment was developed in cooperation with Bohult Maskin/DROPPEN, which makes equipment for stump treatment.

The new and the traditional saw bars. Photo: Per Jonsson

New saw bar for stump treatment 

I used to work with the follow-up of stump treatment against root rot, which I wrote about. I then checked that the coverage of the stumps was ok. The saw bars for stump treatment are marked with several places where the operator can drill holes. Which and how many markers should be drilled open depends on the diameter of the trees to be felled. This is the most common error that the operators do. They open too many or too few holes and often the wrong ones. The result is a failed coverage of the stumps and a poor result of the treatment. 

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Droppen made a new pump

The company Bohult Maskin AB, or Droppen (“the drop”), among other things, develops and produces equipment for stump treatment. In connection with the development of a new, improved, and more compact pump for treatment fluid, they also had a look at the saw bar. Could it be made easier for the operators to achieve good stump coverage? 

Instead of the hole markers, a canal to the middle of the bar was made. From the canal, the fluid is spread throughout the length of the bar in a milled groove. 

A canal instead of a line of holes. Photo: Per Jonsson

With this new saw bar, the fluid is evenly spread, and the stumps are well covered. The operator now just must make sure that the control system is properly set. If it is, “on/off” is the only thing the operator must keep in mind. As Droppen doesn’t produce saw bars, the concept was handed over to Iggesund Forest who gave the new bar the name Easy Spray and added it to the range. 

“New” – The new, improved pump from Bohult Maskin AB. Photo: Per Jonsson

Apart from the smaller size, the new pump has improved sealings and built-in freeze protection. It’s also faster and gives a higher pressure which is a benefit when felling thicker trees. 

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