Better price and performance for Wood-Mizer’s budget models

Wood-Mizer has sold many sawmills since the start in 1982. As more and more private forest owners dream about having their own sawmill without any vast investments, Wood-Mizer decided to upgrade the price and the performance of the two budget models LX50 START and LX50 SUPER. 

Both Wood-Mizer budget models. The SUPER to the left and the START behind to the right. Photo:

Wood-Mizer’s budget models

The cheapest model, LX50 START, is under 3000 EURO (or 3000 USD). For this modest investment, you get a functional sawmill that can handle logs up to a diameter of 66 centimeters (26 in.). 

Two of the differences between the LX50 START and the LX50 SUPER are that the START model comes with a smaller engine and a simpler frame. There are two engine alternatives: A 9 hp Kohler G9 gas engine, or a 4-kW electrical motor. The SUPER model comes with either a 14 hp Kohler G14 gas engine or a 5,5-kW electrical motor. 

The sawmills come with Kohler gas engines of 9 or 14 hp, or with electrical motors. Photo:

Extension possibilities

Both sawmills are based on a three-segment bed where each segment is 1,33 meters (4,36 ft) for the START model and 1,53 meters (5 ft) for the SUPER model. This means that the START model in the basic version can handle logs up to 3,1 meters (10,2 ft) in length and the SUPER model up to 3,7 meters (12 ft). Both models could then be extended by more segments. 

For the LX50 START, four side supports are used, two short and two long, that are easily attached from above. The LX SUPER version differs i.a. that it has two height-adjustable side supports for quick adaption to the log’s diameter. The new LX50 sawmills are also equipped with diagonal bed crossbars for better stability. 

Good ergonomics

According to Wood-Mizer, working with the LX50 sawmills is both ergonomic and intuitive. The saw bed has been optimized and the saw unit’s opening has been simplified. The operator can manually adjust the saw unit’s height with a crank and see the height on a scale. Feeding forward and backward is done manually by pushing or pulling the saw unit along the log. 

Quick delivery and many accessories 

The LX50 sawmills could be ordered on the Wood-Mizer home page and delivered within a couple of weeks. They are delivered on a pallet for the customer to assemble according to instructions that come with the delivery. 

Apart from the mills, there are a variety of accessories available in the Wood-Mizer web shop to make the sawmilling job easier. 

More information and photos

Read more about the LX50 START here,

and the LX50 SUPER here

Finally some more photos: 

The saw bed. Photo:
The new LX50 models have blade guides like on the larger Wood-Mizers. Photo:
The side supports are different for the two models. On the SUPER they are adjustable in height, but on the START you must switch between two fixed heights. Photo:
Manual log holders. Photo:
Simplified saw blade unit and manual blade tensioning. Photo:
Wood-Mizer LX50 is a complete sawmill for short lengths. But it can be extended by adding more segments. Photo:
Both LX50 models can handle up to 66-centimeter logs. Photo:
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