The World’s largest smiley is in the forest

Worlds largest smiley

Is it really the largest smiley in the World? We don´t know, but in the coastal part of Oregon, USA, Hampton Lumber has planted this smiley that measures 80 meters in diameter. It´s planted on a hillside which makes it visible from Highway 18 in Willamina.

Worlds largest smiley
Photo: Reddit

The World’s largest smiley

As the smiley is supposed to be yellow, larch was used as the base and for the eyes and mouth, douglas fir was planted. As the larch turns yellow in the autumn, that is the best time to see the giant smiley.

A good week’s work

According to Hampton Lumber, it took a week to plant the smiley in 2011. They used a rope to measure the circle and the eyes and mouth were triangulated from that point.

This may not be the most efficient way to plant 0,5 hectares of forest, but it´s nice to hear about forest companies that not only think about short term profit but also take time to do something funny. Sooner or later, the trees in the smiley will most likely end up in a local sawmill anyway.

Read more about the Oregon forest smiley here.

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