Video from a Vida sawmill in Sweden – now acquired by Canfor

This week Canfor corporation announced that they will acquire 70% of the stake in Swedens largest private owned sawmill company Vida AB. paid a visit at one of Vidas samwills in Sweden last year. Here is a video from the small log sawmill in Alvesta, Sweden.

Small log sawmills has been popular during last decade in Sweden and Vida is one of the leading producers with several dedicated sawmills for short logs in diameters from 11 to 20 cm (4,5 to 8 inch). Logs are normally cut in short lengths, like 2,5-3 meters (8-10 ft). Those sawmills use reducer technology that fast and instantly cut the sides to pulp chips. The blocks are profiled by the chipping reducers and then in the next step divide into lumber by saw blades.

The Vida sawmill in Alvesta also have stress grading equipment and most of the production is planed before sale. Most of the lumber will be construction wood for export as well as domestic use. All production is kiln dried.

More information about Vida can be fond here at Vidas webpage.

Here is a video showing the production (Swedish audio/text) and below some pictures.

Full fart i Vidas kubbsågverk, Alvesta
Vida small log sawmill short logs
Typical log size at a sawmill specialized in processing small logs is 11-20 cm, in short lengths
vida sawmill log feed
Intake and feed of short logs to the debarking unit.
vida sawmill debarked logs
Logs after debarking.
Vida laser measurement
Every log are measured by laser technology to decide the optimal cut.
vida reducer technology
The small log sawmill is using a reducer technology that cut and shape the log at four sides in a very high speed
vida dividing wood block to boards
After reducing four sides the block is divided into 2-4 boards or beams
Vida sawmill control room
Here is a view from the control room at Vidas sawmill in Alvesta. Just some few persons runs the whole sawmill operation
Vida board sorting rack
Boards in same dimension are leaving the sorting rack for stacking and Kiln drying.
vida kiln drying
All lumber produced by Vida are kiln dried (and planed) before sale
lumber vida ready for export
Lumber from Vida ready for export worldwide
vida largest private sawmill in Sweden
Vida is the largest private owned sawmill company in Sweden
  1. Hello fellow forestry workers. I live and work in a Canfor dominated forestry town. Our forestry practices are poor in Canada and Canfor is a clear cut machine. Please guard your forests and protect your harvesting rates. Trust me! Google their track record here in Canada. Stay safe out there.

    1. Thanks for your comment Low impact Canadian harvester! I think Vida has a good reputation here in Sweden. They buy all their wood from private (individual) forest owners in strong competition with other sawmills and forest owner association. So they must behave to get their wood. Maybe they can give some positive influence to Canfor😀

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