Rottne see the light in the tunnel

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2020 was a challenge for all, including Rottne Industri AB who spent time and money in investing for the future during the year of the pandemic. When looking back now, it seems that Rottne made the right decisions.

rottne h21d

Rottne see the light in the tunnel

“Since August last year sales have increased month by month.” says Arne Isaksson, sales and marketing manager at Rottne Industri.

Log Max Harvester Heads

There are many reasons for the positive trend. A cold winter in northern Europe has made the need for woodchips urgent and much bark-beetle damaged forest has been cut for that and other purposes. As for Rottne specific, some sleeping markets has awoken after some time of very low activity.

“Among others Russia have a good cutting season behind them and have a need for new machinery. We also invest heavily in the transatlantic market where we, above all in Canada, have had a real boost again lately.” says Arne Isaksson.

Rottne see the light in the tunnel
Tobias Johansson, CEO and Arne Isaksson, sales and marketing manager.
Photo: Rottne Industri

New staff

Rottne Industri are calculating a 30 % increase in production compared to last year. This means that the company are recruiting new staff for the moment, both in the office and in the production.

“We count on hiring another 10 – 15 people during 2021 plus that we have to replace some people who retire.” says Tobias Johansson, CEO at Rottne Industri, who believes in a bright future.

“We are for sure facing a conversion process,” he adds, “but the target 200 delivered machines in 2022 stands.”


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Arne Isaksson, sales and market manager, +46-470 758713,

Tobias Johansson, CEO, +46-470 758747,

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