Olofsfors lets the money roll in for the Pink Ribbon

The Pink Ribbon is an international fundraiser to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. In the Swedish language, the word for “ribbon” and “track” happens to be the same – “band”. Olofsfors, a Swedish manufacturer of forestry tracks, has used this word game in a brilliant way, both raising money for and creating awareness about breast cancer. 

Pink bogie tracks are in the making. Photo: Olofsfors.com

Olofsfors lets the money roll in

It was in 2010 that Olofsfors came up with the idea to paint a set of tracks pink and sell them at an auction to collect money for the Swedish Breast Cancer Association. Since then, Olofsfors has done this every year in October and collected approximately 1,6 million SEK (Swedish Krona) approx. 150 000 USD for the fight against breast cancer. 

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Last year in October, Olofsfors had an open house day to celebrate their 260’s anniversary. We wrote about this and the fact that the opportunity was taken to push for the Pink Ribbon campaign. 

A year has 12 months

“Why only raise money during October when you can do it all year?” was a question that was recently raised at Olofsfors according to a press release. It was decided to raise the bar and keep the fundraising page open all year round. 

All grant goes directly to the Swedish Breast Cancer Association. Those who contribute with 5 000 SEK or more have the chance to win a pair of pink Olofsfors bogie tracks worth approx. 100 000 SEK. 

Here are some useful links for those who want to dig deeper into this: 

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Susan G. Komen US (The organization that started the Pink Ribbon fundraiser in 1991)

Olofsfors’ press release from 17th May 2023

What are you waiting for? Start giving!! 

No contribution is too small. 

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