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In previous articles we have written about two of the big harvesters in the forest; The Rottne H21 and the Komatsu 951. Now, the time has come to present another giant in the woods – the Ponsse Bear.


The Ponsse company has been around for 50 years now which makes them one of the younger forest machine manufacturers. Nevertheless, nowadays they are one of the largest manufacturers of CTL machinery in the World.

Ponsse is a family business that has a reputation of going their own path. As for an example, they have never had the older type of harvester, two-grip harvester, in their range. They went straight for today’s crane mounted harvester heads.

Niklas Savilahti and his sixth Ponsse Bear.

Ponsse Bear with H8 harvester head

We visited the contractor Niklas Savilahti on a nice clear-cut site where he was operating his Ponsse Bear. In his early career, as an employee, he was operating also other brands, but since he started his own business, he has stuck to one brand – Ponsse. This is his sixth Ponsse (third Bear) since he started the company in 2005.

The Ponsse H8 harvester head in action.

The Ponsse range

Ponsse has seven harvesters in their range today, and seven forwarders. They also have a range of eleven harvester heads, and a dual machine (combined harvester and forwarder).

You can read all about the Ponsse range here.

Ponsse Bear in figures (Source; Ponsse.com). 

Model type                         8-wheeler


Minimum weight               23 800 kg

Typical weight                    24 500 kg

Length                                8 990 mm

Width                                 2 990 – 3 130 mm

Ground clearance              700 mm

Transportation height        3880 mm

Crane Ponsse C6

Slewing torque (gross)       67 kNm

Tilt angle                             ±20°

Turning angle                     250°

Lifting torque (gross)         310 kNm

Crane reach                        8.6 m / 10 m


Name                                  MB OM936LA Tier 4 Final

Market area                       North America

Engine power                     260 kW

Engine torque                    1400 Nm (1 200 – 1 600 rpm)

Tractive force                     230 KN

Fuel tank volume               400 l

Hydraulic system

Control system                   PONSSE OptiControl

Hydraulic circuits               Separate hydraulic circuits for the harvester head and crane.

Crane pump                       190 cm3

Harvester head pump        190 cm3

Hydraulic oil tank volume  290 l


Front tyres                          26,5″

Rear tyres                           26,5″

H8 harvester head

Minimum weight               1 250 kg

Feed system                       3 feed rollers

Feed force                          36 KN

Maximum opening             740 mm

Feeding speed                    5 m/s

Film clip

Here is a film clip of Niklas and his Ponsse Bear:

Ponsse Bear in Action

Film and photos: Per Jonsson

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