Komatsu Forest launches the 951XC harvester

“A final logging harvester that combines power and productivity with agility and excellent climbing ability.” That’s how the new 8-wheeled Komatsu harvester 951XC is presented by Komatsu Forest in a press release on the 23rd of May. 

The new 8-wheeled harvester Komatsu 951XC. Photo:

Komatsu 951XC harvester

This machine could very well be one of the main reasons to go to the Swedish Forestry Expo by the end of next week. This is namely the place where it will be shown for the first time. 

Log Max Harvester Heads

The launch of the Komatsu 951XC means that the range of 8-wheeled harvesters now is complete in the Komatsu family. The design of the 951XC is much like the Komatsu 951, but there are some differences. 

Compact and strong

The Komatsu 951XC has the same wheel size as the 931XC which allows a more compact design making the 951XC shorter than the 951, about the same size as the 931XC. The compact design in combination with a traction force of 242 kN, and a unique interaction between the engine, control system, and transmission, makes the 951XC a compact and strong harvester. 

Furthermore, a hydrostatic transmission that fully utilizes the engine’s power and a lower center of gravity makes the 951XC excellent in demanding terrain. As one can expect, a long line of improved details is also to be found on the new 951XC. Read more about that in the Komatsu press release here. And, of course on the Komatsu Forest home page here where you will find the whole Komatsu Forest machine range. 

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