Komatsu 951 harvester

Komatsu 951

We keep looking at the sturdiest harvesters. After all, big machines have something that small doesn´t, for good and for bad, but here we look at the good things. Last time we wrote about the Rottne H21D

Today we give you the Komatsu 951!

Size matters

I remember when the machines were “too big”. The engineers struggled to get small machines out, like the Mini Brunett. Not much later, small harvesters turned up. The Lillebror by ÖSA, the 701 by Valmet and Rottne 2000 were all quite successful for a while.

My impression was that those machines were not efficient enough. The combination small, light and efficient didn´t work as well as the market wanted it to do. I recall a German contractor saying: “The ideal forwarder is 1 meter wide, has 15-meter crane and a payload of 15 tons.” Well, that machine never saw the daylight.

The machines soon started growing again. Efficiency and economy ruled and is still ruling. Thanks to better/wider tires and better tracks the impact of a bigger machine is not so much worse compared to small machines. Of course, this depends on the soil conditions.

Komatsu 951
Komatsu 951 in action.

Komatsu 951 harvester

“The new Komatsu 951 is the largest harvester you can find on the market.” This is the intro for today’s machine at Komatsu Forests homepage. Well, I´m not going to argue with that, but they will have to prove it themselves if necessary.

There is no doubt, however, that this machine is a giant in the forest. It definitely plays in the top league when it comes to both capacity and size. The manufacturer, Valmet/Sisu/Partek Forest/Komatsu Forest, has some history so there shouldn´t be any problems with quality either.

The Komatsu 951 in figures


Measurements & weight

Weight                                from 22,790 kg

Length, total                       8,285 mm

Width                                 3,060 mm

Transport height                3,960 mm

Ground clearance              665 mm


AGCO POWER, 6-cylinder diesel engine
with turbo and intercooler. Conforms to the requirements of EU Stage V (Europe), Tier 4F (North America) and Stage II (other countries).

Engine type                        Stage V: 74 LFTN-D5, Tier 4F: 74 LFTN-D4, Stage II: 74 LFEN-A2

Stroke volume                    7.4 l

Power, max                        Stage V and Tier 4F: 214 kW DIN at 1,850 rpm, Stage II: 210 kW DIN at 1,850 rpm

Torque                                Stage V, Tier 4F and Stage II: 1,280 Nm
at 1,500 rpm

AdBlue® tank                      50 l

Fuel tank                            approx. 529 l

Power transmission

Hydrostatic-mechanical, controlled via MAXiXT. Transfer gearbox with 2 positions. Disengageable front-wheel drive.

Differential locks                Front and rear axle. Mechanical electro-hydraulic control.

Driving speed                     0 – approx. 24 km/h

Traction force                     222 kN

Hydraulic system

Dual-circuit load-sensing system with variable piston pumps.

Flow                                    528 l/m at 1,600 rpm

System pressure                 280 bar

Hydraulic oil tank               approx. 250 l

Miscellaneous                    Pressure filter for hydrostatic circuit. Return oil filter for hydrostatic and working hydraulics. Hydraulic oil level warning.


Axle, front                          Geared boogie “high clearance” type with portal axles housed in the rims. Differential with mechanical differential lock.

Axle, rear                            Swing axle with hub reduction. Differential with mechanical differential locks. Hydraulic stabilizer.

Brake system

Fully hydraulic multi-disc brakes. Brake pressure accumulators charged via automatic hydraulic accumulator charging valve.

Driving brake                      Four multi-disc brakes in oil bath on front and rear axles.

Working brake                   Same as driving brake. Automatically engaged when working.

Parking brake                     Spring-action brake with electro-hydraulic control. Emergency brake.

Braking performance         Confirms to ISO 11169 and VVFS 2003:27.



Reach                                 8.7/10.3 m

Lifting torque, gross           275 kNm

Slewing torque, gross        60 kNm

Head                                   C124/S132/C144/V132E/370E/S172/C202/C202E


Hydraulic articulated joint with 2 dual-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Lever steering                    Load-sensing (LS) proportional steering from crane controls/rocker.

Electric steering                 Finger-controlled miniature steering wheel on right hand panel.

Steering angle                    +/- 40°

Ex. of other equipment      Electrical limit damping.

Electrical system

Voltage                               24 V

Battery capacity                 2 x 180 Ah

Generator                           2 x 100 A


Working lights                    13 lights on cab, 2 lights on crane, 3 lights on crane base, all halogen and 2 lights on the engine hood grille, LED.

Service lighting                   LED lights in service compartments.

Ex. of other equipment      Working lights (LED). 9 lights on cab, 2 lights on crane, 3 lights on crane base and 2 lights on engine hood grille. Variations of extra working lights (LED). 2 roof mounted lights on cab (halogen).


Levelling for good posture. Can coupled to swing axle. Crane and cab on horizontal, rotating platform. Hydraulic stabilization when maneuvering.

Horizontal levelling            Longitudinal 22°/20° and lateral 16°.

Rotation                             +/- 180°

Ex. of other equipment      Autolev – fully automatic cab and crane levelling. Crane damping. Cab suspension. Slewing damper.


Tested in accordance with ISO standard. Levelling. Thermal and acoustic insulation.

Seat                                    Several alternative seat options. Ergonomically designed with headrest, armrests, hand controllers and waist safety belt. Depending on seat selection, different options are available for individual adjustment of the seat cushion, backrest and lumbar support. Also available as a rotating seat.

Windows                            Polycarbonate windows throughout.

Heating/Ventilation           Combined heating and cooling unit or climate control. Filtered intake air via allergy filter.

Noise level                          As per ISO standard

Vibrations                           As per ISO standard

Other                                  Manual tilt. Windscreen wipers and washers on windscreen.

Ex. of other equipment      Swivel seat, Smart radio/DAB radio, MediaZone, Electrically controlled platform under cab.

Here is a film of the Komatsu 951 in action in a spruce stand:

Komatsu 951 & 895 slutavverkar i rejäl granåker
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