Elmia Wood 2022 – a comeback to count on?

Elmia Wood 2022

One year delayed on the 2 – 4 of June, it´s time for the Elmia Wood show to open its gates again. It´s been five years since the last time and a lot has happened. Most obvious is that the large machine manufacturers, through their union the Swedish Machine Suppliers Association, “Maskinleverantörerna, ML”, have launched a new show with themselves as organizers and therefore not will participate at this year’s Elmia Wood. If ever again?

Elmia Wood 2022

This is a show that used to be like Christmas eve for machine operators once every four years. As a machine operator you sit in your machine all year long and suddenly you get to meet colleagues, friends, and suppliers + see what’s new in the forestry machine business. I have participated in all Elmia Wood shows in one way or another since 1979. So, the show means something to me as I wrote in an article in June last year.

Log Max Harvester Heads

Now, it will be exciting to see what’s left of it. The exhibitor’s list doesn’t look too bad, even though most of the heavyweight league is missing.

Elmia Wood 2022
Photo: Elmia AB

There will be something for everyone

Mainly there will be equipment for forest owners, like log trailers and loaders, and ATVs, but there will also be some heavy equipment. Chippers, grinders, scarifiers, harvester heads, and even harvesters. The Swedish Forest Contractors Association, SE, will be present. Also, smaller machines for professional use will be there so the show will definitely be worth a visit.

My concern is that visitors from abroad, used to the “old and familiar” Elmia Wood, may be disappointed and not return to the next show. Maybe many visitors from abroad haven’t heard that the “big ones” are not present. Elmia Wood to many is the machine show No 1 and the expectations will be high. I hope I’m wrong about this …

The future of Elmia Wood

I must confess that my concern for the Elmia Wood show is partly selfish. I live in the town of Jönköping in south Sweden where Elmia has its main office. The forestry show takes place 30 kilometers south of town, but the evening action is in town, where I live. It means that once every four years (this time five years) the whole forestry world comes to my neighborhood. Good for me of course, and I would prefer that it stays like that.

The question is if it does. I sincerely hope that Elmia and ML can get together and make peace so that the show can go on and keep developing. It may be true that smaller venues can be better for the exhibitors in the sense that they offer more time for each visitor. The problem for the visitor is that if he or she wants to see the whole range of equipment, a large show is better. The alternative would be to visit several small shows which could be nice, but not everyone has time for that.

I still believe in a combination of large, wide, and international shows and small local ones. There should be room enough for both.

I hope to see you here in June!

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