Bruks – mobile chippers demo

Mobile chippers demo

It was a while ago now, before the pandemic in December 2019, that Bruks invited to a demo day to show their mobile chippers. Torbjörn at was there, and as the winter was cold here, at least for a couple of weeks, he eventually decided to edit the film.

Mobile chippers demo
Bruks 1006 with separate engine, mounted on a Ponsse Buffalo.

Mobile chippers in two sizes

The demo was held at a terminal in mid-Sweden that had both round wood and brush for chipping. In the film you will see the Bruks 806.2 and 1006 in different versions. The smaller chipper, 806.2, is shown mounted on a JD 1910 forwarder where the chipper has its own 500 hp Scania engine. Also two truck mounted 806.2’s were shown. On those two, the truck engine powers the chipper.

Log Max Harvester Heads

The larger 1006 chipper was shown as both forwarder and truck mounted. In both cases with own 768 hp Volvo engines. When chipping round wood with this one, the chip pile grown quite fast.

Mobile chippers demo
Truck mounted Bruks 1006 chipper with separate Volvo engine.

Film, info and more photos

Here is the film from the demo in 2019:

Demo - Bruks mobila flishuggar

You will find more information on Bruks home-page.

And here are some photos from the event:

Mobile chippers demo
Forwarder mounted Bruks 806.2 on a John Deere 1910G.

Mobile chippers demo

Mobile chippers demo

Mobile chippers demo
Infeed of the Bruks 1006. Powered by a separate 768 hp Volvo engine.

Mobile chippers demo

mobile chippers demo
Truck mounted Bruks 806. The chipper is powered by the truck engine.

Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen

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