Valtra G-series – first ride with forestry adaption

Valtra G135

A couple of weeks ago Valtra launched their new G-series of tractors. Now, the first Valtra G135 has arrived in Sweden. The Swedish importer, Lantmännen Maskin, educated their staff in the new model at Bratteborg estate. This place is famous as the Elmia shows are (were?) held here. Torbjörn at the sister site, who also used to work with the Elmia show, took a test ride on the fairgrounds. Here are his impressions, and his film.

Valtra G135
The first Valtra G135 on Swedish soil.

Valtra G-series – the first ride

The guide and driver for the test ride was Per Wretblad who is responsible for the Valtra range at Lantmännen Maskin. The event itself took place by the main stable at Bratteborg estate. The test ride, of course, went to the Valtra stand on the fairgrounds. You will see that and at the same time receive lots of interesting information during the ride, in the film here below.

Forestry adaption

A while ago we wrote about the workshop Ölmstad Smide AB who are specialized in adapting tractors for forestry use. Per Wretblad revealed that the next Valtra G tractor that will be delivered in Sweden will go directly to Ölmstad. As it will be the first one to adapt in the G-series, the workshop will develop the needed adaption for this particular model. Hopefully, many G-series tractors will be rigged for logging here in the future.

The steel fuel tank is available from the Valtra factory, but other adaptions for forestry use has to be made by companies like Ölmstand Smide AB.

No TwinTrac on Valtra G-series

As mentioned before, the G-series will not be available with the TwinTrac function (meaning that all driving functions follow the reversible seat). This is possible in the N-series. But from now on, the N-series tractors in the same size as the G-series will no longer be available.

According to Per Wretblad, TwinTrac has not been very common on tractors for forestry use in the size of the G-series. When using the tractor as a forwarder it has not been very important. On the contrary, as the TwinTrac system takes a lot of extra space in the cabin it´s easier to turn the seat around without TwinTrac. If, however, the tractor should be used as a harvester, Per tells us, the TwinTrac system could be handy. But if in this case, you will probably be looking for a bigger tractor anyway, for which TwinTrac is available.

Also, if you are looking for an alternative that is more “forwarder-like”, you will probably choose a bigger tractor than the G-series.

Transmission for the forest

What kind of transmission is the most suitable for forestry use? Per Wretblad means that it should be a tractor with Active transmission and load sensing hydraulics. It´s the middle version of transmissions between the Hi-Tech and Versu models. The Active transmission offers a smoother tractor for the forest, with good hydraulics for the crane. The armrests for the Active model functions well in combination with the reversible seat.

Valtra G135
Per Wretblad (left), at Lantmännen Maskin, and Torbjörn Johnsen at Skogsforum/Nordicwoodjournal, taking a test ride with the new Valtra G135.

Film with more info

Here you can read about the G-series on Valtras home-page.

Here is a film from the test ride.

Första Valtra G i Sverige - provtur och snack
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