Komatsu 825TX – the new 9-tonner

Komatsu 825 TX

Recently Komatsu Forest informed about their three new forwarder models, which we wrote about here at Now, the colleagues at the sister site have had the opportunity to have a closer look at the new 9-tons forwarder 825TX. Here are their impressions and a film.

Komatsu 825TX

The smallest, and perhaps the most interesting, of the three new forwarders is the 825TX. It seems that the pendulum has gone back when it comes to forwarders in thinning. During the last 10 years, the forwarders used in thinning has become bigger. For many years the smallest Komatsu forwarder has been the 11-tonner 835. Despite the fact that they only managed to cut out a bit over 1 ton dead weight with the 825TX it´s a step in the right direction.

Komatsu 825 TX
The new Komatsu 825 TX.

Mainly for Europe

Komatsu Forest sees the main market for the 825TX in the Nordic countries, Baltic states and central Europe. We look forward to seeing if the competitors will follow and help the market to make small forwarders popular again.

This is not only up to the machine manufacturers. The customers, the forest owners, has to active if they want smaller machines in their thinning’s. If that demand comes strong enough from the ones who buys the machine services, it could mean that the trend turns towards smaller machines again.

The test machine

The 825TX that we tried out, was equipped with the shorter loading area and the new “Komatsu Thinning gate” which means that gate and bunks are angled 5 degrees inward instead of the standard 2 degrees. This make the forwarder smoother and more forgiving in side slopes.

“A first thinning in good soil can make you feel light claustrophobic,” says Fredrik Reuter, today´s test driver, and continues. “When it´s narrow and curvy, these small details actually make a difference. I have operated both Rottne F10 and JD 1110D in thinning. It is when it´s narrow you notice the difference.”

The weight is another parameter

When working in soft soil conditions, the weight of the machine is also an important parameter. It could make the difference if you can drive a strip road one more time or not.

The Komatsu 825TX is a conventional “10-tonner” with 22,5” tires. A little less weight, smaller wheels, some centimeters less ground clearance and the new loading area make it a suitable forwarder for thinning. Apart from this, it´s more or less the same machine as the larger siblings, the 835TX and the 845TX. The engine, crane and cabin are the same on the three models.

It will certainly be exciting to follow the market trip for the 825TX and its competitors in this segment.

Here is a film from the visit to Komatsu.

Komatsu 825TX - En genomgång av 9-tonsskotaren i gallringsskogen
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