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stihl ms 400 c

The Stihl MS 400 C was launched already in spring 2020. However, not all markets have had the privilege to have it until now. The sister-site received a test saw of the model already in May, and the test team has used it since then. Here are the impressions from the tests, signed Fredrik Reuter.

stihl ms 400 c

Testing the Stihl MS 400 C

The main testers, Lars-Erik and Henrik have tested the Stihl MS 400 C since May this year. In thin and thick forest as well as in gardens and windthrow. Easy trees and difficult ones, which means that a solid test has been made.

All test operators agree that the MS 400 C is a saw for professional users. It´s belongs in the “middle class”. It´s the kind of saw that professionals use as an all-round saw. The Stihl MS 400 C is the kind of saw that always follows the user and is used a lot. It´s a good saw for felling as well as for delimbing.

stihl ms 400 c

Mid-sized saw

The Stihl MS 400 C challenges the other two giants in the professional mid-size segment; The Husqvarna 560 XP and the Stihl MS 362. Because of its weight, the Stihl MS 400 C classifies as a 60 cc-saw. If we look just at the displacement, it should be classified as a 70 cc-saw as the displacement is 66,8 cc.

Pros and cons with the Stihl MS 400 C

There is no doubt that the Stihl factory in Waiblingen, Germany delivers well thought out chain saws of very good quality. The saw we had for testing has worked without problems during the test. It starts easy and then you can give gas and produce wood.

The MS 400 C weighs 200 gram more than the MS 362, but is also 100 gram lighter than the Husqvarna 560 XP. This was a bit surprising for the test team at the start as the MS 400 C “felt” a bit heavier than the 560 XP. One explanation for this feeling could be the fact that the body of the Stihl MS 400 C is a bit wider than the Husqvarna when looking from above.

stihl ms 400 c

When looking at the scale there is however no doubt. Also, when you start working with the two saws you notice the difference. One might think that the wider form of the Stihl MS 400 C would affect the delimbing work, but this is nothing that the testing team noticed.

Stihl MS 400 C – a temperamental saw

The MS 400 C has a temperament that is positive. It doesn´t sound as sharp as for an example the MS 462, but to be honest those two saws shouldn´t be compared at all.

Interesting though, is that the MS 400 C has a nice torque through almost the whole register, and that´s a big advantage. Maybe it´s the magnesium piston that gives that effect?

stihl ms 400 c

Compared to the combatants in the 60 cc- class, the MS 400 C is one step up when it comes to engine and power. The MS 400 has 17 % more torque than the MS 362.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption is of course an interesting theme in tests like this. The general feeling is that the MS 400 C needs more fuel than the MS 362 and the Husqvarna 560 XP. On the other hand, it has more power and should produce more per time unit. So, maybe it isn´t so bad.

According to the KWF-tests the Stihl MS 400 C needs 2,4 liters fuel per hour at max power, and 2,2 l/h at max torque. The same figures for the Stihl MS 362 are 2,3 l/h and 1,9 l/h, and for the Husqvarna 560 XP 2,1 l/h and 1,7 l/h.

(You will find links to the complete test reports from KWF for all three mentioned models at the end of this article)

stihl ms 400 c

No heated handles on the Stihl MS 400 C

It´s a pity that the MS 400 C has no heated handles as an option. Especially in the northern hemisphere, the heated handles are very comfortable in the wintertime. It must be considered as a downside for a chainsaw that aims for a professional target group of users.

Chains, sprockets and bars

Different combinations of chains, sprockets and saw bars were tried out during the tests. You will see the result of this in the film below.

stihl ms 400 c

stihl ms 400 c

stihl ms 400 c

Overall impressions of the Stihl MS 400 C

Yet again, Stihl delivers a really good chainsaw. Yet again they present new inventions, such as the magnesium piston that make the saw quick and powerful.

If you are using a Stihl MS 362 or a Husqvarna 560 XP today and consider a new saw, you probably should have a look at the Stihl MS 400 C – if you can live without heated handles. The power/weight ratio makes this alternative very interesting.

We think that the MS 400 C will be a best-seller as an all-round saw for professionals.

Film and more info

Here you can read the KWF test report for the Stihl MS 400 C.

Here you can read the KWF test report for the Stihl MS 362.

And here is the report for the Husqvarna 560 XP.

Finally – here is a film:

Första testet av nya Stihl MS 400 C
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