New project manager for Interforst in Munich

Interforst Munich

Martina Ehrnsperger left her position as Exhibition Director for Interforst on the 30. September. Her replacement will be Petra Westphal who joined the Interforst team as a co-director in 2011. 

Interforst München
Petra Westphal, new project manager for the Interforst forestry show in Munich.
Photo: Messe München

Interforst in Munich

The Interforst show in Munich is one of the largest foresty trade fairs in the World that attracts 50 000 visitors every four years. Unlike most other forestry fairs, Interforst takes place in the city of Munich, at Messe München. Nevertheless, it has become one of the most important fairs within forestry.

Martina Ehrnsperger

Martina Ehrnsperger came to Messe München in 1996 as a member of the Interforst team. During her years working with the show, she has developed a large network and gained a lot of respect from actors within the forestry business. For private reasons, she will now move back to her home areas in another part of Germany.

As a former colleague/competitor and exhibitor, I will miss Martina at the Interforst. I wish her all the best in her new life.

New management

The new project manager, Petra Westphal, will face challenges in a trade fair World that are changing by the minute. The Covid-19 situation has forced many fair organizers to make changes in their schedules and routines. The former largest of them all, Elmia Wood in Sweden, face huge problems as some of their main exhibitors decided to start their own, competing fair.

As the next Interforst takes place as late as in 2022, they just might end up as a winner in this situation. The future will tell …

Petra Westphal has an experienced team behind her, so I am sure she will succeed in her new position.

Here you can read the press release from Interforst.

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