Stihl brings forest management to a new level with treeva

Stihl brings forest management to a new level

A year ago, we wrote about the mapping system LogBuch by Stihl. Now, through the wholly-owned affiliate treeva, the next step is taken and LogBuch is combined with the photo-optical system FOEVA  into a new and useful software tool.

Stihl brings forest management to a new level

Stihl is of course mainly known to us in the forest for the chainsaws. One should however not forget that they have many other products in their range, such as lawnmowers, etc. But they also offer software and hardware for forest management.

Log Max Harvester Heads

treeva – the time saver

For some reason, the treeva trademark is written with a small “t” in all information about the product. As a former marketing manager, I don’t question that, I just accept it.

The new software contains two parts, the treeva web portal, and an app on a smartphone or tablet. “Paper and pen belong to history” according to Stihl. Remarkable quote from a company that should care for the forest (paper-) industry one might think. But this system can do so much more than what is possible with paper and pen, and it’s faster.

You can mark out single trees or strip roads on a map by voice control. A wood pile or a single log can be photographed with a smartphone or tablet, and you will get all facts that you need. Volume, number of logs (in a pile), average diameter, etc. The GPS function in the application also marks where the objects are located for both the forwarder/skidder and truck to find them.

The collected information can be sent to anyone who needs it. The forester can send it to the logger who shall do the job. Whole sites or single trees can be pointed out and described, just like the route to them. The forwarder operator can send pile information to the trucker and/or the industry that shall get the timber. And so on.

The transfer of information to the treeva platform happens automatically. If there is no connection to the Internet in the forest, the system keeps it in the hardware (phone or tablet) until you get a connection, and then the information will be sent to the platform.

It’s easy to imagine that a system like treeva, will save a lot of planning time for foresters and loggers.

Stihl brings forest management to a new level
The treeva software, which consists of a web portal and an app, lifts forest management to a new level according to Stihl.
Photo: Treeva

Where is it available?

I can imagine that you want to try this immediately. But if you live and act outside Germany, Austria, and Switzerland you must have some patience. According to the plan, the next step will be to bring treeva to the rest of Europe. When this will happen, and when the rest of the World will get it, is for the moment unclear.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting that Stihl doesn’t settle for chainsaws but also offers this kind of solution for forest management. It shows they take the forestry business seriously.

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