Rottne Industri AB invests 40 million SEK to grow

Rottne Industri AB invests 40 million SEK

We already wrote that Rottne see the light in the tunnel and gives full speed ahead in Canada. Now, they announce that they will make the largest investment in the company history. 40 million SEK (4,5 million USD) is invested in two new bed milling machines and a new industry hall of 1.700 m2 at the main factory in the town of Rottne.

Rottne Industri AB invests 40 million SEK

“We will increase productivity. As one step in that process we are making this major investment in streamlining our factories,” says Tobias Johansson, CEO at Rottne Industri AB.

Rottne manufactures most of the components for their forest machines in their own factories. The new investment means that all processing of large components will be moved from the factory in Lenhovda to the main factory in Rottne. The Lenhovda unit will specialize in robot welding and component manufacturing.

The new hall at the main factory is built to improve the logistics between today’s many buildings. There will be fewer but larger buildings when the job is done.

Rottne Industri AB invests 40 million SEK
A Rottne H8 in action.

New jobs

The investment means that there will be new jobs at both the Lenhovda and Rottne factories in south Sweden. The third Rottne factory, in Stensele north Sweden, will not be affected by the investment.

The work on the investments starts after the summer. The goal is that the new industry hall and the first new machine will be ready by mid 2022.

For more information

Read the pressrelease from Rottne here.

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