Premiere for the new Ponsse Scorpion in Sweden

The new Ponsse Scorpion

In February this year Ponsse presented the new generation of the Scorpion harvester. On the 6th of October it was for the first time shown in Sweden. was there.

The new Ponsse Scorpion
The new Ponsse Scorpion.

The new Ponsse Scorpion

The biggest difference compared to the old model is the cabin. The most visible change is a new one-piece front window that reaches all the way up to the roof of the cab. This gives better visibility as less snow and debris get stuck on the window which could happen on the old model.

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The new Ponsse Scorpion
The new front window gives better visibility and is easier to keep clean.
Photos: Per Jonsson

Two small windows have been placed facing down which make it possible for the operator to see the wheels from the normal operation position in the chair. Also, the side- and rear windows have been changed to improve the working environment for the operator.

The new Ponsse Scorpion
The new floor window gives a good view of the wheels.
Photos: Per Jonsson

Focus on ergonomics and productivity

“As earlier, development of the new Scorpion range has been based on feedback from forest machine users, which we have utilized to put the upgrades now being introduced into production. The cabin workspace is now more practical, and the quiet Scorpion landscape office has been developed specifically with the operator’s comfort and ability to keep working in mind,” says Jan Kauhanen, Product Manager, Harvesters, at Ponsse.

A small, but for many operators important, detail in the new cabin, is a table to the right of the computer screen where you can put the coffee cup. A detail that may seem trivial, but you must bear in mind that many operators spend all days in the cab, including the coffee breaks.

The new Ponsse Scorpion
One of the improvements in the new cabin. A coffee table is a must for many operators.
Photo: Per Jonsson

The working lights have also been improved. Instead of the classic spotlights, led ramps are used. This gives a softer all-round light which also contributes to a better working environment for the operator.

The new Ponsse Scorpion
Light ramps that give better and softer light.
Photo: Per Jonsson

Fifth generation Opti information system

The Scorpion and the Scorpion King have been fitted out with the Opti 5G information system and a completely upgraded interface. According to Ponsse, this is the most modern information system on the market.

The Opti 5G system enables the Ponsse Active Crane system which gives the harvester a new way of controlling the crane. Active Crane is a crane tip control system that assists the operator in controlling the crane so that he or she can concentrate on processing the timber correctly.

The settings of the crane are easier to do with the new user friendly Opti 5G system compared to previous versions of the control system.

The new Ponsse Scorpion

More information

You can read more about the new Ponsse Scorpion in Ponsse’s press release from February this year. You can also see, and read about, the classic Ponsse Scorpion in a previous article here at

This presentation of the new Ponsse Scorpion was made at a local Ponsse dealer’s “open-house-day” in south Sweden. You can read more about that event, and see photos from the it, in an upcoming article in a few days. So, keep an eye on!

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