Moheda M81DT – a new loader with 9,4 meters reach

Moheda M81DT

The Swedish log trailer manufacturer FTG Moheda has launched two new grapple loaders with longer reach and more lifting capacity: Moheda M81DT and M81T. Both are equipped with telescope arms. The reach with a dual telescope is 9,4 meters (30,8 ft) and with a single telescope 7,8 meters (25,6 ft). One of the news on these loaders is the internal location of the hoses in the outer boom.

Moheda M81DT
The new loader from Moheda, M81DT.

Moheda M81DT

The south Swedish contractor Emil Fröjd has operated the M81DT loader since May last year. The sister-site visited him recently in the forest. Emil used to operate an M75 loader earlier, so that’s what he is comparing with. In the film below you can hear him sharing his experiences.

Increased lifting capacity and slewing torque

The lifting capacity with the M81DT at 9,4 meters is 500 kg (1100 lb). This is to be compared to the M75 loader which lifts 460 kg (1014 lb) at 8,8 meters (28,9 ft). The slewing torque is 75 percent higher for the M81 compared to the M75.

Moheda M81DT
The reach of the new M81DT loader is 9,4 meters.

Apart from the higher performance, the new loader has a different geometry that allows lifting higher. A benefit when the log stacks are high and when you are forwarding forest residue.

Emil points out that the telescope boom on the new loader is sturdier than the predecessor. The “hidden” hoses, inside the boom, is another positive change that he appreciates. Emil does a lot of residue forwarding, and then it´s better not to have hoses on the outside of the boom, he explains.

Moheda M81DT
A pile of bark-beetle-infested spruce. Note the internal location of the hoses on the loader.

A Valtra N175 is the base unit

Emil operates the loader with the hydraulics from the tractor, a Valtra N175 with a hydraulic pump that gives 160 liters per minute. Valtra offers a 200-liter pump as an option, but Emil finds 160 liters good enough.

Moheda M81DT
The contractor Emil Fröjd has operated the new M81DT loader since May -21.


Here is a film from the visit:

M81DT - ny längre kran från Moheda

Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen where not otherwise stated

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