FinnMETKO – a short view of day one

Metko day one

It has started! The FinnMETKO show has opened its gates. Crowds were queuing to get in and the exhibitors showed both new and “old news”. Here are some impressions from day one. More detailed information will come later – just like some exciting news. 

A short view of day one

There will be more articles later with more detailed information about what was to see at the Metko show. Here are just some photos:

Metko day one
The Metko, about to open its gates day one.
Metko day one
The John Deere stand was crowded.
Metko day one
Ponsse put up a good show of both harvesters and forwarders.
Metko day one
Komatsu Forest had their gate open and showed a wide range of machines.
Metko day one
Also Rottne was there through the local dealer.

And much, much more will be presented here in the next few days.

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