Eco Log ends the production of Gremo

ecolog 1050F

In a press release (in Swedish) Eco Log informs that the production of the smaller forwarders, in other words, the “Gremo range”, will stop. The reason is that continued production of this range would require vast investments in streamlining the production and securing the development of the machines. However, the demand for those machines is too small for such an investment.

ecolog 1050F
The EcoLog 1050F. A Gremo in EcoLog costume.

Eco Log ends the production of Gremo

In April 2020 it was announced that the two forest machine manufacturers Eco Log and Gremo were to be merged. The production of the Gremo machines was moved to the Eco Log factory in mid-Sweden. A month later, the production of the “yellow Gremo’s” started.

Eco Log writes in the press release that they are aware that many appreciate those models and that there is a demand for smaller forwarders on the market. Therefore, the possibilities to develop or reintroduce one, or more, smaller Eco Log forwarders in the long term will be examined.

What models are we talking about?

It is basically the former Gremo machines Eco Log 750F, 1050F, and 1250F that will leave the range. However, all ordered machines of the mentioned models will be delivered according to plan.

After-sales and warranty

As there are many of those machines operating in forests around the World, spare parts and services for the machines will still be available. “The competence and organization for after-sales for the models in question will be available for many years to come.”

Warranty conditions for delivered machines are still valid.



Something has been going on at Eco Log for a while. The company has grown during the last few years and the merger with Gremo and SP Maskiner was a great part of it. In November 2022, Eco Log applied for financial reorganization to secure new capital. In December the company was acquired by new investors and a new CEO was appointed. So, that something was coming wasn’t surprising.

Even though I have no personal experience with the Gremo machines I think it’s a pity. The Gremo customers seem to love their machines and Gremo took good care of the customers. As an example, there was (is?) a Gremo VIP club in which a customer received a membership automatically after purchasing a second Gremo machine. Members got special clothes and were invited to VIP events.

That a brand disappears from the market is no sensation. It has happened many times during my 40 + years in the forestry business. Nothing lives forever. Still, it’s a pity and I think Gremo, whether you call it Eco Log or not, will be missed by many.

Eco Log 750f, a small forwarder primarly for thinning.
Eco Log 750f. Photo: Eco Log Forestry
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