Echo CS 362 WES – Challenging Stihl MS201?

Test of Echo chainsaws

In our test of the Echo chainsaws we matched the lightweight CS 362 against Stihl MS201. The two saws have the same low profile thanks to the horizontal cylinder. The difference in weight is only 0,1 kg. With 14” bar and full tank the weight was 5,0 kg (11 lbs) for the Echo CS 362 and 5,1 kg (11,2 lbs) for the Stihl MS201. On the other hand, the Stihl have 20 % more power, 1,8 kW compared to 1,49 kW for the Echo. Husqvarna don´t offer a saw in this size today.

Test of Echo chainsaws
Echo CS 362 WES is a light saw for easy work. Air filter and spark plug are easily reached without any tools.

Echo CS 362 WES

This saw felt fast and alert already from the first start after taking it out of the box. The acceleration and rpm felt good and was suitable for delimbing the young spruce trees that we were felling. During felling and cutting a bit thicker trees there was a clear lack of power and torque that larger saws offer. Maybe that should be expected from a 36-cc saw like this?

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10-mm nuts

The chain sprocket cover is attached with two 10-mm nuts. That may seem a little odd as most saws normally have 13-mm (½”) nuts. Those nuts are not attached to the cover, which is common on many saws today, and are easy to lose in the slash. To have some spare nuts around is recommendable.

Test of Echo chainsaws
One may wonder why Echo chooses to use 10-mm nuts on this particular model instead of 13-mm as on the other smaller models.
Test of Echo chainsaws
The chain nuts on the 362 and the 390 are not secured, and easy to lose.

The clutch on this model is placed outside the chain sprocket. That´s not really an issue as long as you don´t get stuck in a tree and don´t have another saw, or a friend with a saw, near by. When the sprocket is outside of the clutch, the chain and bar can be removed also when the bar is stuck.

Test of Echo chainsaws
On the CS 362 WES, the chain sprocket is placed inside the clutch.

No good vibrations

One serious downside of this otherwise nice saw is the level of vibrations in the handles. On all the other saws we tested, the Echo’s, the Stihl MS201 and the Husqvarna 550 XP, this wasn´t a problem at all. But on the CS 362 WES is was clearly too much vibrations to be comfortable.

Generally, according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications, the Echo’s have more vibrations than the two comparing saws Stihl MS201 and Husqvarna 550 XP. However, this was something that we didn´t notice during the two test days, except for the CS 362 WES.

When working very short shifts this may not be so important, but if you work fulltime in the forest, you should consider choosing another model.


In summary, this is a nice, fast and light chainsaw suitable for working short shifts in thin forest. It´s cheap compared to the corresponding Stihl MS201 (as mentioned above Husqvarna have now saw in this segment in their range) so, if you need a cheap saw for temporary use in thin forest the Echo CS 362 WES could be a good option.

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Echo CS362WES - kompakt lättviktssåg testas i klen gallring

Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen

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