Cramer – new chain saw manufacturer in Jönköping, Sweden

cramer 82cs25

The fact that Husqvarna, a company manufacturing chainsaws in Huskvarna, the municipality of Jönköping, has been around for more than 350 years is quite well known. Now there is another chainsaw manufacturer in the Jönköping region, one that isn’t as well known, and one that is fairly newly established.

We’re talking about Globe Group and their chainsaw brand Cramer, which for three years now has been developing saws for the professional segment of battery-powered chainsaws just west of Jönköping.

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Large market in the USA

Globe Groupe is a young company founded in 2002 by a Chinese owner residing in the United States. The company has built a large manufacturing capacity for battery products in Chanzhou in China and was initially a so-called OEM manufacturer that made the products of other companies. Since 2009, products have been manufactured under their own brand names and today the business is divided into several subsidiaries. Powerworks for consumer products, Greenworks which manufactures retail products, and Cramer where they are now developing a professional segment for park- and garden management. The company’s largest market is in the United States, where it sells battery products through major retail chains such as Lowe’s and Amazon.

Stihl are part owners

In addition to the above, products are also manufactured for other brands such as Stihl. Stihl has been a part owner of Globe Groupe since 2016, so you can say that both Stihl and Husqvarna are developing battery-powered chainsaws in the same town. Globe Groupe currently has more than 5,000 employees around the world and they produce a total of about 1.2 million units per month, almost exclusively battery products.

The business in Jönköping was started four three ago, but there are already 40 people working here. From here, the business is run and managed to develop and build a segment of battery-powered professional saws. It is perhaps no coincidence that this business ended up in Jönköping. It’s also no coincidence that there are people here who have previously been employed in the chainsaw industry.

Own manufacturing of batteries

According to Development Manager Ola Agné, the Jönköping office will be a cutting-edge part of this development. There are short lead times and they’re close to the factory when it comes to getting changes and updates made, or when launching new products.

“Our speed to market is high,” says Ola. “And there is an underlying capacity that is both flexible and powerful.”

The parent company has a 240,000 sqm manufacturing plant in China, which develops and manufactures both metal and plastic components as well as electronics and its own batteries. The experience in the field of battery products is extensive as it’s in principle the only type of product the company has engaged in during its time on the market.

Cramer chain saws
Ola Agné is the development manager at Cramer Professional Equipment in Jönköping.

Two Cramer saws

There are now two chainsaws that Cramer calls professional saws in their product range. On one hand, the smaller saw 82CS15 rests at 1.5 kW and on the other, the larger 82CS25 sits at 2.5 kW. Cramer uses a battery system of 82 volt (unlike, for example, Husqvarna who use 36 volt batteries). The saw body has parts in magnesium for increased stature and they use bars and chains from Oregon. According to Cramer, the smaller saw weighs 3.3 kg while the larger weighs 4.5 kg, without battery, cutting equipment or oil.

Three battery options

The 82 volt system offered by Cramer has three batteries that fit these saws. They are 82V220 which is 3 Ah and weighs 1.9 kg and a new professional version PRO82V220 weighing 1.5 kg, both with the same ah. In addition, there’s the 82V430 which has 6 Ah and weighs 3 kg. With the larger battery, you get full power (2.5 kW) in the larger saw.

A test is coming

We have borrowed both saws and tested them, something we will write more about on a later date. However, we can already now say that the larger saw with the larger battery is not something you bring with you into the forest. With a saw weight of over eight kilos, it’s way too heavy and gets an uncomfortable rear weight with such a heavy battery attached. The smaller saw, on the other hand, may be an alternative to Husqvarna’s or Stihl’s own battery saws. We will test them further and get back to you!

Technical specification of the two professional saws:

cramer 82cs15
Cramer 82CS15

Cramer 82CS15

Effect (kW): 1.5

Chain Speed: 24 m/sec

Weight incl 3 Ah battery (PRO): 4.8 kg

Chain: 3/8 pitch, 1.1 mm gauge

Bars: 12-16 inch

cramer 82cs25
Cramer 82CS25

Cramer 82CS25

Effect (kW): 2.5

Chain Speed: 24 m/sec

Weight incl 3 Ah battery (PRO): 6.0 kg

Weight incl 6 Ah battery: 7.1 kg

Chain: .325 pitch, 1.3 mm gauge

Bars: 13-18 inch

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