It´s cold outside – time to do some firewood

Time to do some firewood

It´s cold outside, and if you haven´t done your firewood it´s about time. It´s true what they say: The firewood makes you warm more than once. It´s a lot of work, but when the cold winter comes, you realize it was worth it.

Time to do some firewood

As for me, I´m living in a town with district heating so others fire for me. One of the town’s heating plants are in sight from my balcony. It´s a papermill (in the center of town!) that has a wood pellet fueled heating plant that helps keeping me, and the other town folks warm.

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Time to do some firewood
View from my balcony last night. The next morning (today) smoke was coming from both chimneys. The smoke to the left comes from the paper mill.

There is another big, combined heat and power plant outside town that we wrote about here at That one has two boilers, one for wood chips, and one for municipal waste.

I do firewood anyway

So, I´m the lucky one(?) as I don´t have to make firewood. Well, I am the lucky one, because I can choose to make firewood if I want to, and I do. Last week I helped a friend cutting some wood in the forest for him to take home, cut, and split for the next winter.

I used to do lots of firewood for my parents, who lived in the forest, until they decided to invest in geothermal heating. After that, they only needed small volumes for the tiled stoves, and for the old kitchen stove that they had kept after they modernized the house in the 90’s.

Time to do some firewood
Nice heat from a tiled stove in my parent’s house.

Professional firewood making

I can´t say that I was professional in my firewood making. As I am an old logger, I always preferred to use the chainsaw for cutting, and I always did that directly in the pile.

Time to do some firewood
A pile of dry spruce wood waiting to be split. The old Husky 254 is resting.

As for splitting, my dad invested in a hydraulic wood splitter. It was ok for him as he was close to 80 at the time, but I used an ax. It was both fun, and masculine. It was wonderful to see the size of the pile of split wood by the end of the day and feel that you really were worth a beer in the evening. I must admit, however, that I left the tricky wood pieces to dad and the splitter.

If you have firewood heating, and don´t want to, or can, do your own firewood, there are professional firewood makers. I visited one of those, and wrote an article about it that you can read here.

I also wrote about a couple of small, but smart, accessories that can be helpful in your firewood making. Read about them here, and here.

Good luck with your firewood making out there. Make sure that the number of fingers, and other limbs, are the same when you are finished as they were when you started.

Photos: Per Jonsson

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