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Firewood maker

When looking into the firewood equipment market it´s like entering another World. A jungle actually, where there is so much to see and choose from. Most equipment is expensive and efficient (hopefully), but you could also find things for those of us who wants to do firewood instead of going to the gym. You know; Get the heat up twice so to say.

Firewood maker
The Kindling Cracker.

Another firewood maker – the Kindling Cracker

Recently I wrote about the Timber Croc, a device to hold the logs as you cut them with a chainsaw. Cheap simple and probably functional. The next step would be to split the firewood. For this, there are of course machines and axes. I used to use an axe for this as my father used the splitting machine we had (and he didn´t trust me to use it). Then there is the Kindling Cracker

A device I accidently bumped into on the Internet, and that I think would suit me, at least for thinner firewood. The good thing about this device is that you don´t need an axe. You could use a hammer, a piece of firewood or a stone, because the splitting edge is in the Cracker itself.

Firewood maker
How to use it.

Simple and reliable

I just love simple solutions. Why should it be complicated? But on the other hand, if you shall make a year’s need of firewood for your house and have a fulltime job etc. you might need something more efficient. Like a wife, son or daughter who can make it for you, or some kind of machine. But still, for me those simple solutions would do. I am definitely one of those who prefer to make firewood (or work in the forest) instead of going to the gym. It´s a matter of priority and planning if you want to stay fit … and warm.

Here is a film that shows how it works

Photos and film:

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