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Four years ago, the German machine manufacturer Pfanzelt presented their small multi-tasking, tracked and remote-controlled machine Moritz Fr 50. At the forestry show Forst Live, in Offenburg Germany, the next generation of the Moritz will be shown to the World on the 3rd – 5th April this year.

Pfanzelt is mainly known to forestry people for their different machine solutions adapted for German forestry. According to them, they are the largest manufacturer of forest machines in Germany. A while ago we wrote about their forestry equipped tractor Pfanzelt PM-Trac III 2380 here at Apart from purpose-built tractors, winches, forest trailers and cranes for tractors, they also have tracked mini skidders in their range.

A market for small machines

Germany has a strong environmental movement and hard certification rules. As for an example, no forest machines are allowed to operate between the strip roads and clear-cutting is as good as forbidden. In the meantime, hardwood species like beech and oak in thick diameters are quite common. When harvesting these species only a few single trees are cut down and brought to a landing as most of them are left standing in the forest and must not be damaged.

This creates a market for small remote-controlled tracked machines as they can go in between the strip roads and pull the big trees out, either to the landing or just to the nearest strip road. Those small units can also be used to assist by felling big trees as they often are equipped with good winches. You can of course also use them to carry heavy equipment like sturdy chain saws out to the forest.

These mini-multi machines can often be equipped with winches, stump grinders, mulchers and other useful tools.

The two new models are just slightly heavier and are still suitable to be transported by car-trailer.

Please welcome the Moritz Fr70 and Fr75!

Visually the difference between the Fr50 and the new Fr70 & Fr75 may not be so conspicuous. The weight has been increased to 2 000 kg, compared to the Fr50´s 1 400 kg, but thanks to wider and longer crawler belts the ground pressure is the same as for the lighter model. The width of the machine can be adjusted by 200 mm on each side which makes it more stable when working in side slopes. By an automatic and maintenance-free hydraulic tensioning system the crawler belts are kept tens and are also prevented from breaking.

The physical size of the Moritz Fr70 & Fr75 is only modestly larger than the Fr50 which means that also the new models can be transported on a pick-up truck or a car trailer.

Moritz fr 75 skidder
The new models with 50 or 75 hp could be equipped with winches that have a traction of 5 and 7,2 tons.

Hydraulic accessories can be used

Until now it was only possible to use accessories through the mechanical power transmission. The new generation Moritz offers both mechanical and hydraulic transmission meaning that tools from other brands could also be used. The hydraulic piston pump gives up to 96 liters per minute at 300 bars pressure.

Moritz fr 75 hydraulics
The hydraulics have six double acting valves and a multi coupler that gives up to 96 l/m and 300 bar.

A difference compared to the Fr50 is that the hydraulics on the Fr70 & 75 have three separate systems for the transmission, the working hydraulics and the hydraulic transmission (for accessories). This separation gives the machine a better performance.

Another improvement is that the new models have three-point linkage not only at the rear, but also at the front of the machine, where you can have a weight, a toolbox or some kind of accessory of the operators choice.

Moritz remote control
The new remote control.

Deutz engine

The engine of the Mortiz Fr70 & Fr75 is a 4-cylinder Deutz with 36,4 or 55,4 kW. Both engines have a Cleanfix reversible cooler fan as standard equipment.


Prices for the Moritz machines are depending on model and equipment but starts at 55 000 Euros.

You will find more information about the Moritz and other products from Pfanzelt on their homepage.

Photos: Pfanzelt 

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