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I´m the new guy at! However, I´m not completely fresh within the forestry business. I started my first chain saw in 1978 (yes, they were invented already then) when I was studying forestry for the first time. I have worked with forest in one way or another ever since – and loved every minute. 

Log Max Harvester Heads

Photo: Carina Johansson

You could say that I have walked along a long forestry trail that started with logging by “hand” in 1980. After some years with the chainsaw I climbed into a harvester and stayed in different forest machines for some 15 years until I moved on to machine sales. Along the way I also graduated as a forester and learned how to make forestry shows in the forest at Elmia Wood here in the southern parts of Sweden, where I was born. 

Some of my machine operating years I spent in Germany. During my sales period I was working with export sales all over Europe, learning about European forestry, what type of machinery that is used in different countries, how trees are planted and grown – species, methods, machines, policies, differences, regulations and, in some cases, problems – and how trees are harvested.

Nowadays, apart from writing and photographing for NWJ, I work as a logger – back where it started so to say, with a chainsaw in my hands. 

All of this, and some more, I will write about at NWJ. I hope you will join me and that you, just like me, love the forest and the people and machines that are working in it. If you have any ideas what to write about, feel free to contact me. 

I am looking forward to see you along the forest trail! 

Per Jonsson 


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