Husqvarna launches 560 XP and 562 XP in Mark II versions


The chainsaw manufacturer Husqvarna announced on the 13th of April that they release Mark II versions of the models 560 XP and 562 XP. The new models are according to Husqvarna developed from scratch and contain several news. 

Husqvarna 560 XP and 562 XP in Mark II versions

The difference between the 560 and 562 is like before the bar attachment. The 562 XP has a larger bar attachment for longer saw bars. Apart from this, there are no differences between the two models. 

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The new Mark II versions have however lower weight than the predecessors. According to Husqvarna, the older models weigh 6,1 kg (13,45 lbs.) The 560 XP Mark II weighs 5,8 kg (12,9 lbs.) and the 562 XP Mark II is 5,9 kg (13 lbs.). All with empty tanks and no cutting equipment.

Some facts

Power: 3,5 kW (4,7 hp)

Weight: as mentioned above

Engine volume: 59,8 cc

Recommended bar length: 560 XP Mk II, 15” – 20”. 562 XP Mk II, 18” – 28”. 

Engine control: AutoTune 3.0

Saw bars: X-Force, X-Tough, and X-Tough Light. 

Chains: 560 XP Mk II, .325” – X-Cut S35G. Both models, 3/8”-X-Cut C85; X-Cut S85. 

The new models are in general more efficient than the predecessors and more fuel efficient. They have the new AutoTune 3.0 control and have a starter function instead of the choke. Like the Stihl saws(?). 

Photo: Husqvarna

To be continued … 

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