Spring is here – time for planting

Time for planting

Just like Christmas and other holidays, the planting season turns up every year. Even if it’s still wintery in some places, it’s time to plan for the planting and the ground preparation. That time is now!

Time for planting

We cannot yet count on the machines to do the planting. Even if there are machines available we still have to do the job ourselves, most of us anyway. We simply have to wait for the automated planting machines to be ready for the market and keep planting the old-fashioned way.

But before the planting takes place, you must do some ground preparation. There are various methods of doing that. A year ago, I wrote an article about the different methods that we use here in Sweden, and in most countries in the northern hemisphere. Not much has changed in a year. So, instead of writing it all over again, I link you to that article here.

I also made a film that shows our ground prep methods. Here is a rerun of that film (it’s the same film as in last year’s article):

Soil preparation with different types of scarification
Time for planting
Snow doesn’t mean you can’t do ground preparation.


Film and photos: Per Jonsson

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