Ponsse launches a new rotator for harvester heads

Ponsse launches new rotator

Ponsse launches a new rotator, Ponsse HH360, that can rotate without limitations, especially for harvesters. From now on, harvester operators don’t have to worry about tearing the hoses to the head off by rotating too much.

Ponsse launches new rotator

Rotators that can rotate without limitation is nothing new. It has been available for forwarders for decades. But for harvesters, it has been unusual, as far as I know only Komatsu and Waratah have tried it before.

The problem with a harvester head is that it needs hydraulics meaning that hoses must be connected to the head. The hoses make it impossible to rotate the head limitlessly without damaging them, even if the rotator itself has no limitations.

Customer demands

“We have developed an innovative solution by listening to our customer’s needs,” says Janne Loponen, Product Manager for harvester heads at Ponsse, and continues. “The rotating harvester head speeds up processing wood, makes working easier for the operator, and reduces hose failures. Compared to competing products, the rotator is strong, powerful, and above all energy efficient, and Ponsse has exclusive rights to the product in forest machine use.”

The new Ponsse HH360 rotator is available for H6, H7, H8, H7 HD, H8 HD, H7 HD Euca, and H8 HD Euca harvester heads.

Read more about the new rotator in this press release from Ponsse.

Ponsse launches new rotator
Photo: Ponsse.com
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