Ponsse at FinnMETKO 2022 – What was new?

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO

In previous articles, we mentioned the new Ponsse Giant and Ponsse Mammoth machines and the electrical EV1. They were of course all at the Metko show, “alive and kicking”, but did Ponsse present any other news?

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
Ponsse had live demos at the Metko.

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO

You may have thought that the reports from the Metko show were over. But no, there is still a lot to report. E.g., 28.120 visitors attended during the three days. And now we have reached one of the main attractions on the show: Ponsse.

I have mentioned before that machine manufacturers like Ponsse are very professional when it comes to presenting news. They let everybody know through homepages, press releases, and special demos. So, when the time comes to display the “news” on a show like the Metko they are no news anymore – to editors and their readers anyway.

But most people might not have noticed the news as they are only a few months old. And for people like me, it’s of course exciting to see the equipment I have written about in real life.

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
The live demos were shown on big screens in the Ponsse stand for those who didn’t want to enter the forest demo site.

But – What was new?

As hinted about in a previous article there was at least one piece of interesting news presented at the Ponsse stand during the Metko. One that hadn’t been presented before.

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
The Scorpion, here equipped with the new scanner for thinning assistance (just in front of the windscreen).

A technology concept that will help the harvester operator find the correct thinning frequency. A scanner that identifies the trees around the machine and their position. With this assistance, the operator always can keep track of the thinning frequency and make the correct decisions. The operator will always have access to information about the location of the strip roads and the standing trees. The system also documents this data.

The concept is based on Lidar technology and demonstrates opportunities for future harvesting. According to Ponsse people that I talked to at the Metko, this concept is primarily meant for markets where thinning is unusual or where they are just starting to do thinning. Like a beginner’s assistant.

The “old news” – the EV1

Also, Ponsse is looking at electricity as a potential power source for forest machinery. The problem is the range, the time the batteries last before they must be charged. At the Elmia show earlier this year, Malwa showed their electrical combi machine. A machine that can run for two hours before charging. That is probably not enough to convince the market. But you must start somewhere.

Ponsse started by designing a fully electrical power train together with Epec, a system called Epic Flow. The result is the Ponsse EV1 15-ton forwarder. Initially, the power train is charged by a diesel engine, but the power train itself is independent and could use any electrical power source. It´s just a question of future development.

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
The EV1 electrical forwarder.

The EV1 has batteries in the rear frame of the machine. There are three electrical motors of which one serves the loader. The other two serve the drive, one is placed in the front frame and one in the rear frame.

The “old news” – the Mammoth and the Giant

One must admire Ponsse for the naming of their machines. When other manufacturers use numbers and letters to indicate size and model, Ponsse uses animals. The Wisent is small, the Buffalo is bigger, and the Elephant is the biggest, the Elephant King is even bigger. But then what?

But of course, the Mammoth. Bigger, more efficient, more ergonomic, and sturdier. The Ponsse Mammoth ensures high productivity at the most demanding and challenging sites. It’s also suitable in e.g., plantations with long transport distances.

So, what will the next step be? The Dinosaur?

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
The Ponsse Mammoth at the Ponsse stand during a briefing with Ponsse staff the day before opening day.

Together with the Mammoth, the Ponsse Scorpion Giant harvester forms a logging team for demanding conditions. Many features are familiar to Scorpion users. Increased traction force and a more powerful crane are among the improvements on the Giant. A new windscreen also gives a better view from the cabin.

Ponsse at the FinnMETKO
The Ponsse Scorpion Giant.

More about Ponsse

Opti 5G, Active Crane, Active Cabin, Active Care, and much more is to find among Ponsse’s offers. Find out more at the Ponsse homepage here.

Photos: Per Jonsson

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