New Swedish Forestry Expo challenge the Elmia Wood 2021

The Swedish association for suppliers of mobile machinery launched a new forestry show: Swedish Forestry Expo in June 2021. It will be an international, static trade show, mainly for CTL-machinery from Scandinavian manufacturers. Leading brands as John Deere, Komatsu and Ponsse are part of the initiative for a new forestry fair and it will be organized by the machine suppliers association in Sweden (Maskinleverantörerna).

swedish forestry expo 2021
Leading CTL machine manufacturers launch their own forestry fair Swedish Forestry Expo 2021.


Swedish Forestry Expo at the same date as Elmia Wood 2021

The new Forestry Expo trade show will be held at the Solvalla horse racecourse in Stockholm in June 3-5 in 2021. Exactly the same days as Elmia has published for the next international Elmia Wood fair in Jönköping, Sweden. This means that the new Swedish Forestry Expo challenge the Elmia Wood fair. It seems as the leading manufacturers from Sweden and Finland stands behind Forestry Expo and that they will not participate at Elmia Wood 2021. Representatives from Rottne, Komatsu, John Deere, EcoLog and Ponsse pronounce statements for the Swedish Forestry Expo in a newsrelease from Maskinleverantörerna:

“The new fair concept at Solvalla makes it easier for our customers to visit us, wherever they live. A fair focusing on the professional forestry gives us more time with our customers, something we look forward to, says Henrik Johansson, CEO of John Deere Forestry AB (John Deere Forest Swedish sales company)


Elmia Wood has been the leading star of forestry shows

Elmia Wood has been the international forestry trade show landmark during many decades and it has been the largest forestry show on earth with over 50 000 visitors and 500 exhibitors. Forestry professionals from 40-50 countries Worldwide use to visit Elmia Wood every fourth year to see the latest in CTL logging technology. Many CTL manufacturers have launched their news at Elmia Wood as i e the Ponsse Scorpion Harvester in 2013 or the John Deere IBC for harvesters in 2017. This position is now challenged by the manufacturers and the future will show if there are space for two international forestry fairs in Sweden. The information about this new Swedish Forestry Expo fair is so far limited but there are statements that it should be an international fair, only with focus on professional forestry and mainly CTL technology. More information will be published at the website of Maskinleverantörerna in 2019.

elmia wood ponsse scorpion
Ponsse launched the new Scorpion harvester at Elmia Wood 2013.
elmia wood komatsu demo
Big crowd looking at Komatsu Forest demo, Elmia Wood 2013.


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