New harvester heads from John Deere

John Deere H212

The H219 is the second new two-wheel-drive harvester head from John Deere Forestry in a short time. A few weeks ago, the H212 was presented. The H219 is mainly for final cutting and the H212 for thinning.

Harvester head JD H219

The H219 cuts 75 cm, weighs 2 tons including rotator, and is equipped with the saw unit SuperCut 100S as standard equipment. This harvester head has two-gear feed motors that adapt the feeding speed according to the size of the tree it´s processing. Thin stems – higher speed, thick stems – lower speed but more traction. The SuperCut 100S saw unit has a new, automatic chain tensioning with a mechanic locking of the saw bar.

Log Max Harvester Heads

The H219 will most likely be a strong competitor to the LogMax 7000C.

John Deere H219

John Deere H212

This is a harvester head for thinning and is developed for the John Deere harvesters 1070G and 1170G. The design makes it easy to maneuver in dense thinning stands. The weight is approx. 850 kg.

The feed rollers open 44 cm has 20 kN traction and can be equipped with multi-stem handling.

John Deere H212

You will find more information on John Deere´s home-page.

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