Kranman 960 – a new forwarder from Swedish Kranman

Kranman 960

Today, the Swedish forest machine manufacturer Kranman launches a completely new forwarder model – Kranman 960. It´s a mini forwarder that is slightly larger than the Kranman Bison machines. The weight of the new forwarder, according to Kranman, is 2,7 tons, and the loading capacity is 3,5 tons which is in the same size as Vimek 606 and Kranman’s Woodtiger. The Woodtiger will most likely disappear from the Kranman range, and be replaced by the new 960.

Kranman 960
A new, larger, Kranman forwarder is rolling out in the forest – Kranman 960.

The sister-site got a preview of the new forwarder, and a chat with one of the Kranman owners, Björn Blixt. Here is a film from the visit:

Kranman 960 - ny större skotare från Kranman

Kranman 960 with waist lock and larger cabin

The new forwarder is a completely purpose-built machine that, according to Kranman, has more in common with their harvester than the Bison forwarders. The Kranman 960 was designed from the ground up, and it has the waist, the cabin, the engine, and some other features in common with the harvester Kranman S620.

Kranman 960
The new forwarder has a harvester cabin with a sloping rear window for better sight.
Kranman 960
The Kranman 960 is equipped with a wait lock, just like the harvester S620.

Under the hood we find a four-cylinder, 25 hp Kubota-diesel. The machine has a waist lock and a larger, rubber suspended, and tiltable, cabin. Lots of effort has been put into the cab and the working environment. For a small machine, the cab is spacious, and a lot has been done to get the noise level down. The rubber suspension, in combination with soundproofing from the engine and hydraulics, gives a good operator comfort.

Kranman 960
One of Kranman’s owners, Björn Blixt, shows the 4-cylinder, 25 hp Kubota diesel under the hood.

The crane is a Kranman KX50. It has a slightly different design compared to the Bison cranes. The outer boom is shorter, and the telescope longer for better ergonomics in the crane. Between the crane tip and the rotator, is a brake to make the crane operation easier.

The trailer drive is a traditional roller drive.

Kranman 960
The new KX crane has a shorter outer boom and a longer telescope arm.
Kranman 960
The trailer has a classic roller drive.

Manufacturing starts in 2022

The prototype of Kranman 960 has been in use for one year now. Next year it´s time to start a serial production of the new forwarder. 20 pc. is calculated for 2022 for the 960, and the major first display of the machine will be at the Elmia show in early June.

The growth company Kranman

Kranman has had success with their small Bison forwarders. With the processor P25, the harvester S620 and several log loader/trailer combinations, the Kranman factory is always in full production. The business on the Swedish west coast is steadily growing, and each time we come for a visit, new buildings are underway. Also this time.

Thanks to a large stock of components, Kranman has managed well through the Covid crises, and they have grown also during 2020. The turnover for the company, has doubled in four years. Two years ago, Kranman passed their closest competitor Alstor, and when looking at the figures, Kranman are now the largest manufacturer of small forest machines.

Some 40 employees are working in the factory. On a yearly basis they (approx.) make:

50 pc. Bison forwarders

50 pc. P25 processors

20 pc. S620 harvesters

and several log trailers for ATV’s and smaller tractors, and from 2022 on, also 20 pc. of the new 960 forwarder.

Some export, but the home market is difficult to fill up

Most machines produced in the Kranman factory are sold in Sweden, through resellers. The demand for the products is high and some models have long delivery times. Therefore, Kranman has been cautious with the export. Nevertheless, 20 % of the production goes to other countries than Sweden, mainly to the neighbors Norway and Finland. Some requests are also coming from north America. Several log trailers have, e.g., been sold to Canada even though they have no reseller there.

Photos and more info

Here below are some more photos of the new Kranman 960 forwarder.

Visit the Kranman home-page to see their entire range of equipment.


Film and photos: Torbjörn Johnsen

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