Farma LF 8 – a brand new 8-ton forwarder heading for the market

Farma LF 8 – a brand new 8-ton forwarder

New forwarders are presented now and then. But then mainly by companies who are already known as forwarder producers. So, when a company that has never had a forwarder in the range before presents a new forwarder, it’s big – even though the forwarder, in this case, is small …

Farma LF 8

The founder of the company Fors MW, Leif Fors, had a dream. That was to build a forwarder, something like the Mini Bruunett that was his role model. He had great success in making log loaders and log trailers under the brand Farma, and dumper- and hook lift trailers under the brand Bigab. But unfortunately, he never got to see “his own” forwarder.

Leif Fors passed away in April 2015 after several years of battle against cancer. As the 30-years anniversary of the company was coming up (2022) his successor, daughter, and chairman of the board, Ulrica Fors, and her team decided that the time had come to fulfill the father’s dream. A Bruunett green forwarder to be presented in time for the anniversary.

Farma LF 8 – smooth and affordable

The new forwarder shall be an 8-tonner with a loading ratio of 1:1, meaning that the weight of the machine should be the same as the loading capacity. Something that today only is achieved by the smallest 3 – 7-ton forwarders. It will be equipped with an 8 or 10,2-meter X-Cel crane and a CAT engine.

Eight wheels and a transmission that doesn’t demand a Cardan shaft through the waist of the machine, which means a good steering angle. Also, the top speed of the machine should be high compared to other forwarders according to Fors MW. The width of the machine will be 2,2 meters with 600-tires, but the machine could also be equipped with 700-tires. The pricing should be at a level that makes it possible for self-employed forest owners to buy it.

Farma LF 8 – a brand new 8-ton forwarder
Film screenshot:

The model’s name, Farma LF 8, is interesting. Farma is the brand and 8 is the weight and loading capacity, but “LF” … My guess is that it stands for “Leif Fors”. If so, a beautiful tribute to a missed father.

Farma LF 8 – the one who waits for something good …

Many of us were hoping that the new forwarder would be present at this year´s Elmia Wood show. And it was – as an animation. The plan is to show the real machine sometime during winter 2022/2023.

Until then we will have to settle for the animated film from Fors MW:

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