Vimek upgrades the 870.1 NG forwarder to 870.2

In the spring of 2022 the new Vimek Next Generation, Vimek NG, was launched. At the Elmia Wood show on June -22, it was shown, now with a model name – Vimek 870.1 NG. Now, it’s time for an upgrade to Vimek 870.2. A new name and a new logo are in the update. 


Vimek 870.2

The “NG” has disappeared in the new model’s name which now simply is Vimek 870.2. We wrote about the 870.1 when it was launched last year. You can read that article here

Apart from cosmetic changes, such as color and a new logo on the front, Vimek informs that there are several improvements on the new machine. The loading frame of the loading area has been replaced with a stronger center frame design. The new frame is easier to keep clean from ice and slash and it also allows more payload. The number and location of the bunks are more flexible than on the 870.1. 

The loading area has a new design. Photo:

The standard crane is a Cranab FC4ET with a reach of 6,7 meters (21 ft.). The new frame design makes it possible to also mount the Cranab FC5 with a reach of 8,3 meters (27 ft.) as an option. Both crane options could 2024 be delivered with the crane tip control system ICC. 

The new logo in the front. Photo:

More info

Find out more about the Vimek 870.2 here. And about the whole Vimek range here. The previous article about the 870.1 NG you will find here

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