KWF-Tagung – probably the greatest show on earth!

KWF-Tagung, an event that has grown to be the biggest forestry event in the World. Including three parts – Conference, excursions and a forestry show – it attracts over 50 000 visitors to come and see 500 exhibitors showing their forestry equipment in its right element – the forest! 

On the 1st to 4th July 2020 KWF Tagung take place in the forests around Schwarzenborn, Hessen Germany. One-and-a-half-hour drive north of Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Last time, in 2016, the show attracted over 50 000 visitors from most parts of the World. 

Forestry show KWF
Photo: KWF

Three parts

The event consists of three parts; A forestry show (KWF Expo), a conference and excursions to nearby forest sites. The KWF Expo is the place where you will meet everyone, loggers, machine operators, forest owners, foresters, students and one or two families that happens to live in the neighbourhoods. 500 + exhibitors show their equipment here, many of them thru demos and in some cases the visitors can even try the equipment themselves. 

Those who wants to know more about certain subjects can visit live operations along a 16 km excursion loop where minibuses bring the visitors to 32 different demo points. At every point independent experts are presenting the equipment shown. The main theme this year will be on reforestation with focus on ground preparation, seeding and planting, but also methods of timber harvesting with focus on forest protection will be shown along the excursion loop. 

Forestry show excursion KWF
At one excursion point at KWF Tagung in 2016.
Photo: KWF

For decision makers, scientists and the most interested there is the conference that contains seminars for a key audience, discussion forums and pioneering workshops at the “KWF Zukunftwerkstatt” (KWF future workshop). The conference will be held in the German language, any seminars in English are not planned for the moment. Please contact KWF thru the link below to find out more details. 

Innovation awards

Apart from all this, outstanding innovations are awarded with medals at KWF Tagung. Nominees and price winners will show the innovative strength of forest technology. 

The innovation medal.
Photo: KWF

General information

Practical information will be found here: General information

KWF film clip 

About KWF

The KWF, Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik, (German centre for Forest Work and Technology), is a semi-governmental, practice-oriented research institution for forest technology and safety. 

The KWF has its seat in Gross Umstadt in Hessen.


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