APF 2020 gives full steam ahead!

APF 2020

As the springtime and summertime forestry shows has postponed, the APF 2020 gives full steam ahead. To make life easier on the exhibitors, considering the current Covid-19 crisis, the organizer offers a book now – pay later option.

The APF 2020 will take place on 24th – 26th September

We have read and heard about postponed forestry shows due to the Covid-19/Corona crisis now for many weeks. “Who will be the next one?” is a question that seems to be relevant. A long line of shows has thrown in the towel. We recently wrote that Forexpo in France and the real heavy weightier KWF Tagung in Germany were two of the last ones to do so. Both have announced that they will take place next year at about the same time as was planned for 2020.

APF 2020

Good news

On Monday the 6th April some good news finally arrived from APF 2020. Not only will it take place as planned. They have also created a book now pay later option for the exhibitors.

”The current Covid-19 crisis affecting all of us is causing significant financial hardship for many businesses with orders drying up, the loss of income, being forced to lay-off staff and having difficulty in paying bills.  At such times paying for something over five months away is not a high priority”, Exhibition Secretary Ian Millward wrote in a press release on Monday 6th.

APF 2020
Action at the APF 2018.

Cheap reservation

To reserve a space for the show now APF 2020 charges just 100 GBP (British pounds). The rest could be paid by 1st September when everybody hopes the World has returned to normal again.

“With so many shows being canceled, there is an understandable reluctance by businesses to commit money too far in advance and limited cash flow making this a real problem in any case.  Many exhibitors rely on the show season for sales and many of these opportunities have now gone. APF 2020 is still set to take place on the 24-26th September and we want to help exhibitors by encouraging them to book now and extending our normal 30-day terms.  We hope this will give confidence to exhibitors and allow them to start planning for APF 2020.  Already over 170 exhibitors have booked to exhibit with us this year. We hope that both visitors and exhibitors will relish being released from lockdown and come together to make this a great industry event, Ian Millward ads.”

Let´s hope for more good news soon.

APF 2020
The APF show in 2018


Photos: Per Jonsson, APF 2018

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