Ponsse EV1 – it’s electrical!

Ponsse EV1

Ponsse, in cooperation with Epec, introduces the Ponsse EV1, an electrical forest machine concept. The machine will be commercially available later, but the technology developed by Epec is already in use for other types of machines. Ponsse calls this “a peek into the future”.

Ponsse EV1
Photo: Ponsse.com

Ponsse EV1

At this year’s Elmia Wood show, Malwa presented a fully electrical combi machine. Now, Ponsse heads in on the same track with the Ponsse EV1.

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In Ponsse’s case, it’s a 15-ton forwarder, the most popular size in the Ponsse forwarder range, that the concept has been developed for. The machine has a fully electric powertrain and Epec’s power distribution unit and hybrid power control unit. The machine is powered fully with battery power. The batteries are charged using a Range Extender, which is a combustion engine still under development.

The Ponsse EV1 concept took its first steps in 2019 when Ponsse and Epec started to investigate responsible power source solutions in line with sustainable development. The result is launched today with a press release and a seminar at the Ponsse Studio.

Read the press release here and …

the Ponsse Studio here.

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